According to Ron Shaw in his article, “Challenges of the Mission Field,” prayer support is our spiritual lifeline. We need a team of intercessors committed to praying for us. Please continue to pray for us and allow us to pray for you.


  • Team – Please pray for all our team. Our general health (physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, sleep) and protection. Pray for our marriage and for parenting. Pray for the singles.
    • Patrick (newly arrived intern) – His language learning and transition to life here as he lives in the dorm of one of our city church plant,RCC, and eventually serves at a clinic using his physical therapy background.
    • John (former intern) – His recent transition back to the States and his fundraising and itinerating in order to return to the field. He is taking classes on teaching English and will continue to serve at his home church. He will live in AKJ but also be helping with Team Operations.
  • New church plants – Tim & Paul recently started a Wed night class to train and prepare a few pastors who will be starting new church plants. Please pray for them as they teach, encourage, support and lead. Please pray for these local partners – spiritual protection, commitment and perseverance, and growth, etc.
    • Pech & Sokny – One of the people attending these classes, Pech, and his wife from KCC  have been preparing and training to be sent out as missionaries to Prey Thom. Please pray for their marriage, personal growth with the Lord, training and funds needed.
  • Lee Family
    • HMA 2019 – We are slowly planning our west coast HMA for next year. Please pray that Susan is able to organize things well but that God would go ahead of them and prepare things for them according to his good, perfect plan.
    • Paul – Every busy while striving to slow down and be present. Please pray for his overall health and strength. Pray for wisdom and humility as he leads, teaches, counsels. Pray for patience and joy as he continues to serve over the long haul. He will be traveling a lot the next two months. Please pray for his safety and stamina.
    • Susan– Her health hasn’t been very good recently. Please pray not only for health and strength but that in the midst of it she would find her identity, hope and contentment in Christ.
    • Caleb – He has entered high school and has many changes keeping Susan very busy. He is taking his first live, online HS English course, has an increased role in Boy Scouts and joined a HS Youth Group. Pray that he would grow in wisdom and learn to manage his time as well as people’s expectations, fight against fear of man and fear of missing out. Pray that God would develop his sense of identity in Christ alone and provide the gift of a friend who appreciates and gets him.
    • Nate – Nate is more extroverted and social than the rest of us in our family, It has been a challenge with all of our increased responsibilities and lack of opportunities for him to join activities, especially his desired basketball club. Please pray for Susan to have patience and wisdom, to slow down and be present with him.


Brother Thon’s Death – We are thankful that in the midst of such a painful time, the church was able to come together to show support. Many people, including former members of KCC who have since stopped coming or fallen away, attended the funeral. God has used this situation as a means to share the Gospel not only to the unbelieving wife and children and grandmother (who helped raise the Thon) but others around, including other cancer patients in the hospital.

2018 MAR 23 – PRAISE

RCC Building – Thank you for all your prayers and donations that have helped us put a deposit down in purchasing land for a building that will be used for the church and dorm. We are very thankful for each and every donation and prayer. Thankful for MTW’s Ambassador’s program that is matching $2 for every dollar raised.

2018 MAR 17 – REQUEST

  • Paul’s Travels – Paul will be traveling for meetings a lot the next few months. Four times in the next three months. Please pray for health and strength as well as spiritual protection. Please pray that he would be able to be fruitful and a good steward of the responsibilities given to him for these meetings.
  • Marriage in the churches. There are many young people getting married and many young married couples that need prayer to grow stronger in their marriages as well as parenting. We believe this is an area that is attacked in the church. This includes the pastors and wives. Please pray for their spiritual protection. Pray for the mature couples to be able to model and lead. There are not many strong, mature couples with a biblical understanding of marriage, love, etc. Pray for Paul and Susan and our teammates (and Khmer leaders) as well do much counseling, etc. 
  • Singles in the church. Many have been tempted and given in to dating and marrying non-believers. This has hurt the church. Please pray similarly to our topic #2. Pray that we would love and be sensitive to the needs of the singles, many whose families and homes are back in the villages. Pray that our single brothers and sisters may stand firm in the Lord and those around them may love them well. Pray for wisdom and faithfulness.
  • Health – There is much pollution here in Cambodia but the recent months it’s been very bad. We have noticed a lot more burning of garbage on the streets. We recently found out that they are burning a landfill in Phnom Penh. Please pray for the health and safety of all in PP.
  • Paul – To grow in marriage and parenting
  • Susan – Parenting: Juggling studying khmer, homeschooling, ministry, etc has revealed ways I exasperate the boys. Prayer for humility and wisdom, that I’d be pleasing to the Lord in the ways I communicate with the boys even when stressed.
  • Leaders & Workers  – God would raise more leaders for Cambodia and the region. Pray for more workers, we have one unit retiring.
  • Sam Ath & Vina – Former pastor of KCC who stepped down but still is a member in order to focus on marriage. Pray for their health, especially Vina who is pregnant but has had complications recently. Pray for their marriage and for spiritual protection, for healing and growth.

2018 JAN 16 – PRAISE

Pastors Conference – was a wonderful time of solid teaching and encouragement through the Word, given by Albert Shim, and fellowship. We are thankful that these annual retreats the past four  years has helped foster trust and friendship among the pastors and now slowly the wives.

2018 JAN 11 – PRAISE

Thank God for the ways He lavished us with his love and goodness during our HMA. So thankful for and humbled by the led and worked in Caleb’s heart, not only through us but the community of saints both in the States and Cambodia.

2017 JAN 11 – REQUEST

  • Health – We have returned pretty sick. Pray for healing, especially given that this month is super busy with ministry events. Pray that we would not be quick to complain, have self-pity or despair but continue to give thanks and be joyful for our good God.
  • Home – Our home has a serious water issue but the source seems to be unknown even after almost of week of tearing up the roof and ceiling and walls. Please pray for this challenging time. Pray for protection over our health as protocol and procedures are different than in developed countries.
  • Homeschool – After more than 2 months off from our HMA and now returning sick, please pray God would help us to be diligent in returning to our homeschool studies. Pray that we would not be stressed or anxious but persevere, resting in His perfect timing.


  • Nate – We recently made our 6-month follow-up appointment at the Singapore National Eye Center. We are very thankful that we return with great news that his eyes are healthy. We are very thankful for how God has provided again generous hosts to care for our whole family.


  • Health & Strength –  as you know missionaries have been leaving the field because of health issues. All of us are ok but constantly dealing with something. Fatigue and exhaustion. Stomach issues. Joint and back issues. Headaches. Sleep troubles. Even my boys. Nate’s eye and now has ringworm. Caleb, i’m wondering if it’s his natural disposition, stress, depression or add. The constant toil in keeping up w our health and yet being weary can be a stress in itself.
  • Susan
    • Team Women – I am overseeing our team women’s monthly bible study and another is facilitating the group. Please pray it would be a means to knit the women of our team together. Though there’s no division, it is lacking.
    • Pastors Wives Bible Study – I am leading a monthly bible study with most of the wives our our pastors in our Cambodian presbytery. It’s a stretch for me given that it’s my first time leading a bible study and we try to do it in Khmer. Sokha (Luke’s wife) translate but i’m striving to prepare in Khmer. More than anything, I’d like to hide behind Christ. That it’s not about me doing well but that God would use this time to encourage and strengthen these women who are all bivocational supporting their husbands while facing same issues pastors’ wives do in the States. Most whose families are not believers and can face persecution.
    • KCC English Time – Restarted a weekly English Time at my church after a year break. I hope to be a tangible help and encouragement but for me it’s my small way of keeping connected with the students (university students)/members of my church who are hungry for nurturing. All come from the province to PP to study. We lack a strong leadership in our dorms.
  • Caleb – his anxiety and fear of death has always been there and continues to struggle with the assurance of salvation, questioning if he has faith; a good, strong friend who can know and understand him. He has friends but either younger or not deep. Pray for me and Paul as we parent our budding teenager.
  • Paul – Still short-staffed and he oversees all the ministries in Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam. But the past year has been a lot of member care issues within the team – depression, on boarding, conflicts, etc. He’s doing a lot of counseling. On top of all the things that arise within ministry – both activities and issues. A lot of preaching, teaching (which he loves) and travel (doesn’t love). This week he is in Thailand helping with the Leadership Assessment (as an assessor) while Tim Lim is there as one of the six being assessed to be leaders in our area (Asia Pacific).


  • Paul – He recently fell off his moto on his right side. He hurt his shoulder and looks like it’ll take a while to fully recover. Please pray for quick and smooth healing but also for him to have patience as he deals with life with his physical ailments, for the discouragement that comes with constant health issues.
  • Health – In general, our family has been constantly facing medical, health issues. Caleb is probably the healthiest but even including him it’s been one thing after another. Please pray for protection, health and strength. Please pray that God would continue to protect us from getting discouraged and frustrated. Please ask God would teach us to be a good steward of not only our time and commitments but of our bodies and limits.
  • Team – Our team has continued to face challenges and transitions with another teammate leaving the field early while transitioning a new family who arrived in February. Pray for strength for all our teammates who have their hands full with ministry, language learning and cultural stresses. Pray that our team would persevere in loving and supporting one another well in the midst of our individual busyness and the constant transitions.
  • Pastors Wives Bible Study – Susan’s monthly bible study with the wives has been deeply encouraging but also humbling. Her limited khmer is humbling yet God has been using this time for these women to share and get to know each deeply. Please pray God continues to grow a deep fellowship and unity in Christ, strengthening them to their bivocational calling and facing their daily hardships.


  • Being a Light – We are thankful for the many significant relationships God has provided even in the middle of the ever-changing context. Pray that we would seize the opportunities given to share the Love of Christ in word and in deed.
  • Susan’s Travels & Health – This time it’s Susan’s turn. Please pray for her as she has been battling one cough or cold after another. Pray for health and healing, especially as she travels and participates in meetings in Bangkok from Mar 10-13.
  • Paul’s Travels & Health – Paul will also be traveling for some meetings from Mar 14-17. Please pray for him as he cares for the children while Susan is gone and goes straight to his meetings afterwards.
  • Susan’s English Classes – Ask God to grant Susan the ability to lesson plan, to teach English and to share the love of Christ faithfully throughout this year.


  • Thank you for praying for the McClures, Melissa our newest intern and the medical team. Please keep them in prayer as they continue to adjust here and learn the language. Through all the many different events, changes, and challenges, God has been continually gentle and faithful. We are thankful for the way He holds our team together and provides all that we need.
  • Paul’s Travels & Health – Paul is in Bangkok starting on Sunday, 7th for a couple of days where he meets with a national partner regarding work in Myanmar. Please pray for his time there but also for his health. All the traveling and meetings has exacerbated his back pain.
  • Susan’s English Classes – Susan is restarting her English classes every Saturday and Sunday at KCC, beginning on Feb 20. We hope it’s an opportunity to meet the needs of the university students as well as an outreach ministry. Please pray for Susan to depend on God rather than her own strength nor to be anxious. Pray that she be not only teach effectively but love and build relationships with the students.
  • KCC Business Class – Susan has helped organize basic business classes for our church members at KCC. Fellow teammates, Tina, who has a business background, and assisted by our Khmer staff, Sovanny, are teaching every Monday beginning Feb 15. Please pray that Tina and Sovanny would also teach effectively, serving and building relationships with our church members. It is an opportunity not only for eager university students but our bi-vocational pastors.
  • Mary Flo Ridley – Our guest speaker from Texas will be arriving soon. Please keep her travel and her health in your prayers. She will be speaking at a few venues, including to our team, to parents at Logos International School where most of our team’s children attend, and to Cambodian university students (Let’s Talk About Love event). Please pray that God would grant her wisdom and strength but also be the one to work in people’s hearts.
  • Medical Team – The 29-member medical team is still here. They have been busy with medical clinics at our different ministry sties. They are currently serving at one of our village sites, Angk’jeay. Please continue to pray for them.


  • Praise for the Pastor’s Retreat – We are thankful for everything that made this retreat possible. Please continue to pray all that God has taught us through the retreat would strengthen the pastors in their personal lives, marriage, families and ministries.
  • 2016 – Pray for the planning of this upcoming year. We will again be going through transitions in our team. We need God’s wisdom and guidance as well as provisions.
  • Pastor’s Conference (Jan 20-21 Cambodia, Vietnam) – Pray that it would be a fruitful time of studying God’s Word together with our national pastors in both countries. Pray or safe travels and protection.
  • Paul’s health – Please pray for our health, specifically Paul’s back. With all the meetings and traveling, his back has been giving him trouble.


  • Pastors’ Retreat – This month we are hosting a Pastors’ Retreat (Jan 6-8) in Kep. Pastor Ben Kim and Elder George will be speaking. Pray for this precious time of teaching, fellowship and rest.


  • Paul – Please pray for Paul. He leaves with the team from Thursday, Aug 20, to Friday, Aug 28, for Myanmar and Vietnam, with a few days in Cambodia in between. Pray for safety and protection. Pray for needed physical strength, health, and good sleep. Pray that God would have them see His Heart & His Glory. May He use them to also to encourage and bless the national partners.
  • Myanmar – Please pray for this country that has recently suffered severe floods earlier this month. Many of the villages and church planting work we are partnered with has suffered. Please pray for our brothers there who are in need of encouragement but also tangible disaster relief. Pray for wisdom and resources for those involved in this, including Paul who is working with MTW and our national partner there. Pray for the millions of people who suffer food shortages from the crop damage.
  • Our Home – Please pray for protection over our home from further flooding and damage. We have made some repairs and hope it will suffice. We are reluctant in moving because of its affordability and for the sake of our children who are very rooted in this community. We hope to continue to build deeper relationships with the Cambodians with whom we have gained some level of trust and respect.
  • Susan & the Boys – Please pray for the start of our new school season. We have some work to catch up on due to our long HMA and delay due to home construction. Pray not only that we are diligent but also that we’d show each other and ourselves grace, knowing when to rest and take breaks and how to juggle everyday life with supporting ministry. Pray that our homeschool group, which is also facing transition with our former director returning to the States and new family members.


  • Fruitful HMA & Return – So much to be thankful for. Although a rigorous travel and speaking schedule, our time in the States was a constant reminder of God’s goodness to us and the amazing friends and supporters He has brought into our lives. Additionally, although our homes has had some issues, we are so thankful to be in our own home and having routine in our lives again.
  • Transitioning back – We have just returned to Cambodia from our HMA and our MTW Area Retreat that is held every four years. We are already preparing for two short-term teams, regular ministry responsibilities, start of our homeschool year, and Paul’s travels. Please pray for physical strength, overall health, discipline to balancing work and rest, and daily dependency on and joy in Christ. 
  • Our Home – Please pray for wisdom as we decide whether we should move or not. Our home and our neighbors have become a haven and community for us, especially the boys. However, we’ve had to deal with constant flooded within and outside our home. The boys do not want to move and leave their everyday friends. Please ask the Lord to either provide a viable solution or else a comfortable, affordable home in the right place where the Lord would have us. 

2015 January – PRAISE & REQUEST

  • Praise – In the midst of constant challenges, it is evident that God’s love and power are at work: developing unity and community among such a diverse group that can only be because of what we have in Jesus; nurturing continual growth in the ministries of our team and in the very lives of the member here as well as in the other Southeast Asian countries we work in; and strengthening our marriage and our children to thrive, not just survive.
  • HMA – For us as missionaries, it seems like we’re always trying to balance our hearts and lives between two worlds – our passport country and our mission field. Our “home” visit can be a very stressful, mixed up time. Please pray for the relationships and ministries we leave behind. Pray for our current planning stage that plans and the logistics would come together. Pray for health and stamina during our packed four months, during which we estimate to be about ten states. Pray for dedicated time with family and loved ones. Pray that we would be refreshed and renewed but also used to be a blessing and encouragement to the churches and individuals we spent time with.

2014 November 19 – REQUEST

  • J3 Conference – Our team has joined up with IJM and other NGOs and, most importantly, with national Christian leaders, in hosting a justice conference in Siem Reap. A few of our national pastors are speakers, including Pastor Samath. Please continue to pray for the conference – for protection, for government favor, for convicted talks and open hearts. Pray that the local churches would respond to the call to bring Light into the darkness.

2014 November 10 – PRAISE & REQUEST

  • Thank you for all your prayers. We firmly believe our family is sustained and healthy through these busy and challenging weeks because of those who are interceding on our behalf. Thank you for all the ways you show loving support in tangible ways: financial gifts and donations, letters, pictures, emails, FB messages, skype messages/calls, gifts and packages, etc.
  • Pastor Samath & Vina’s Baby – God has provided a beautiful and healthy daughter without any complications.
  • Susan’s Family – Please continue to pray for Susan’s father and brother who are not believers and are somewhat isolated. Please pray for Susan’s brother who has been facing financial struggles. Please pray for Susan’s mom who lives alone and is facing loneliness. Pray that God would use this vulnerable time to draw her to Him and to be filled by His presence and love. At the same time that he would provide a community of believers with whom she can grow and have fellowship.

2014 October 18 – REQUEST

  • Susan’s Health & Strength – Susan has been battling one thing or another the past two weeks and is just recovering from a flu-like cold and strained back. Paul has been away traveling in SE Asia. Rains have brought on roof leaks and the threat of another flood. Please pray for protection and health and strength, especially during his absence. Pray that she fights the temptation to feeling self-pity or putting up a mask of self-reliance.
  • Paul’s Travels – Please pray for Paul who is now in Vietnam during the last few days of the 8-day trip with the SEAP Vision team. They return on Tuesday, upon which they will spend a few days visiting our church plant sites in Phnom Penh and the provinces. Pray for physical strength. Pray that God would use this time to refresh and encourage him. Pray for safe travels.

2014 October 8 – REQUEST

  • SEAP Vision Trip (10/13-24) – Pray for Paul who will help host the team for the annual vision trip to share the work that God is doing in Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and, of course, here in Cambodia. Please pray for their safety and health but also that it would be mutually encouraging for everyone involved, including the national partners and their churches. Please pray that the team would return and be able to effectively encourage and motivate our supporters and churches back in the States.
  • Vina’s Pregnancy – Please pray for our pastor’s wife who is expecting her second (a daughter) on Paul’s birthday, October 20. Thankfully she was breeched but has since turned around but the cord is around her neck. Please pray for a healthy delivery.
  • Health – Please pray for our family’s health. We have been continuing to fight our flu-like symptoms. Despite our state, we need to be faithful to the commitments and responsibilities planned. Please pray for strength to be faithful to the things we need to do or to allow things to “fail” when needbe, and for a quick recovery.
  • ESL Conversation Classes – Susan has restarted her classes again at KCC. Thanks to fellow teammates and a visiting friend, she was able to start on time despite being sick. Thank you! Please pray for strength to sustain the weekly commitment. Please pray for wisdom, creativity and the ability to effectively teach and meet a need but also to show love for her students and build trust and a deeper relationship with them, and for opportunities to share the Gospel.
  • HMA – Time is ticking. Pray that He would lead the way and set the times and places where He wants us to be. Please pray for all the logistics and for us to be able to wisely and quickly make necessary plans. Pray for quality time with all our loved ones and supporters and for protection, health, rest, mutual encouragement and effective support-raising.

2014 September 26 – PRAISE

  • Conference & Retreat– Thank you for praying for us. Both the LEAD conference and the team retreat was a time of needed encouragement and spiritual renewal. We are so thankful that God has given us an opportunity to reconnect with people we love as well as be blessed by times of worship in our heart language.

2014 September 17 – PRAISE & REQUEST

  • MTW Medical Trip – Thank you for your prayers, especially for the boys. Although we faced some challenges, we were overwhelmed with blessings that we hope to share in detail soon on our blog. Our bodies came back tired but our souls refreshed and overjoyed. Everything from the team dynamics, ministries, building relationships, and our own relationship with the Lord has been stretching and encouraging.
  • LEAD Conference – Please pray for this MTW global leader’s conference held in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Paul is currently attending the conference. May it be a time for the leaders to build one another, to be like-minded as they incline their ears and hearts to the leading of the Lord. Even though it is a conference, may it refresh the leaders to return to their ministries with joy and passion.
  • Team Retreat – Our Cambodia team will be having a team retreat from Sunday to Wednesday. We are so excited and thankful that our pastor from our sending/home church, Rev. Francis Chang, will be here to share God’s Word. Please pray for this time to be spiritually and physically refreshing. Please pray for times of healing for many and for a time to build team unity and community. Pray that above all it will be a time to draw near to our King and be filled with Him.
  • Home Mission Assigment (HMA) in 2015 – We are slowly starting to think through and plan our next visit to the States. We are hoping to arrive in the spring and return mid-July. Please pray for wisdom as we plan the logistics so we can make the most of our time. Our hearts’ desire to fellowship with all of you who we dearly miss and be an encouragement and blessing. At the same time, we recognize we need to be blessed and encouraged by you. Please pray that God would go ahead of us, providing all the logistics and a smooth schedule that wouldn’t leave us stressed and depleted.

2014 September 7 – PRAISE & REQUEST

  • God Provides – We know we must sound like a broken record but life has been busy. So far this year we’ve had about 15 short-term teams or visitors and 8 interns. This is on top of our usual ministry and family responsibilities and dealing with floods, broken cars, roof leaks, etc. with half of our team in the city on their HMA. Sometimes we just didn’t know if we could survive but God has honestly given us just want we needed to not only survive but has blessed and encouraged us through these things. We are thankful for people we’ve been able to meet and our time together.
  • MTW Medical Team – Every year MTW sends a medical short-term team. Susan joined them last year when they visited our two village sites, Neareay and Angk’jeay. Susan and the boys will be departing today with the team for the whole length of this trip to Prey Thom, Neareay, and Angk’jeay. Please pray for them, especially for the boys to taste the blessings of serving.

2014 March – PRAISE & REQUEST

  • Paul  – As Paul’s responsibilities increase, please pray for wisdom and humility. Pray that he would grow more dependent upon the Lord’s guidance and wisdom, not on himself. Pray for physical safety, health and endurance as he travels to the villages and abroad.  Please pray for insight and understanding in this beginning stage of getting to know the new church planting sites and the national partners in the countries in SE Asia.
  • Susan – Please pray for physical and spiritual strength and perseverance as she learns to lean on God in her time of exhaustion. Please pray that God would give her ability to communicate and teach effectively, whether as a homeschooling mom, an English teacher or bible study leader.
  • Caleb & Nate – We are thankful that in the midst of this revolving door of relationships in our lives, God has provided friendships. Despite the brevity of their time together, they have been rich, meaningful friendships. As they go through another series of goodbyes, losing this year’s closest friend, please pray for comfort but also that their hearts would not grow jaded and guarded or resentful. Please pray that God would not only provide a long-term friendship but that they would learn to draw near to their Lord.
  • KCC Dorm Ministry – It has been exciting to see the way the students have growth closer together, the believers stepping up as leaders, and new believers coming to their faith. We see great influences in the overall church through the students. We are thankful for Pastor Samath & Vina and Pastor Thet & Marady and they way they each serve the church in their own unique ways. Please pray for the pastors and their families as well as the students, who juggle studies and work and families. Please pray for the dorm ministries to be a place where the Gospel is taught and lived out. Please pray that God would raise up financial supporters for the women’s dorm.

2013 September – PRAISE & PRAYER 

  • KCC – We’re thankful for the project approval and the funds & prayers that have come, allowing us to open up a women’s dorm with our church. The residents are a mix of believing and non-believing university students. Our focus is on evangelism and discipleship. Please continue to pray for this ministry.
  • Medical Mission Trip – Our team is hosting our annual short-term medical team, which tries to visit all of our ministry sites, both in the city and village. This year Susan will join them for 5 days, leaving Paul to fend for himself with the boys. Please pray for Susan to learn more about what God is doing in these places. Pray also for this time to be bonding and stretching time for the Lee boys.
  • Caleb & Nate – God has provided a full schedule this term between their usual homeschool work, their Classical Conversations group, and all their extra-curricular. At the same time, they face some challenges and struggles. Please pray for friendships as well as their overall protection and health.
  • Paul & Susan – Although we are genuinely encouraged and excited by most of the work we do, we recognize we’re in need of prayer for wisdom and sustenance. There is a lot going on all the time. Please pray for times of rest as well.

2013 Aug – PRAISE 

  • Short-Term Mission – We have been blessed, humbled and encouraged to serve alongside the handful of short-term teams that have come in the past several weeks. God has used them to refresh us and to reach out in love to those in our ministry. Their humble and steadfast service and their energy was a reminder that it is God who is at work.
  • Caleb & Nate – The boys enjoyed a summer of fun participating at the summer school program at the nearby international school. We’re so thankful for the team of teachers that came from the States to provide this wonderful service to MK’s and local Khmer kids.

2013 June – PRAISE & REQUEST

  • Language Learning – We’re thankful for the slow but sure progress in our language learning. We’re thankful for good teachers and for relationships in our daily lives that spur us on to learn. Recently Caleb & Nate attended an event for International Children’s Day at their Khmer teacher’s church. All Khmer, about 100 kids. They were the only non-Khmer. They loved it. Praise God for these “small” things.
  • Paul & Susan – Pray for wisdom and humility in their new and old responsibilities. Pray for their health and physical sustenance. Please continue to pray that God would enable them to learn the Khmer language that they may be able to love the people well.
  • Caleb & Nate – Please pray for their health. Although nothing serious, since returning in October they have gotten sick more frequently and are suffering from allergies and the pollution. Please pray that they would continue to enjoy learning Khmer and they’d use it! Please also pray for them as they feel the emptiness of having a friend leave the field. Pray not only that God would provide friendships but that this would draw them nearer to their Lord.
  • Adoption – This is something still very much on their heart’s desire. Please pray for God’s timing and a clear path and direction. Pray that God would bring people into their lives to help them through the process.
  • Pastoral Interns Ordination Exam –  Our prayer is not just that they would have the proper theological knowledge but that God is forming them in their character and in their lives to be teaching elders who love His people, His church.
  • Trafficking Ministry – Please pray for humility and guidance for our sub-team as we research and meet. Pray for unity within our sub-team but also our team as we decide together what our role will look like. Pray for the many people already doing God’s work – for their protection, emotional and mental sustenance, wisdom and humility.
  • Women’s Dorm Ministry – A new project has recently been approved by MTW and we are now in the fundraising and preparation stage. We will be starting a women’s dorm for our church, KCC. Just like the current men’s one, we hope this will fulfill a need for the university students as well as be an opportunity for evangelism and discipleship. Please pray for wisdom, financial support, strong Christian, Khmer staff, and the dorm residents.

2013 May – REQUEST

  • Paul – Pray for wisdom and humility as he leads the team in the midst of the many changes and growth of our team. Pray that he would be reliant on the power of the Holy Spirit and on his fellow teammates.
  • Susan – Pray that God would give her wisdom and humility as she gets more involved with ministry. She is learning how to balance her responsibilities as a homeschooling mom and wife with the different ministry involvement. Pray that she would find her complete confidence in Christ alone but resist any temptation to find her worth and identity in anything less than Christ.
  • Our Team – Pray for spiritual protection; that we would be united and bear the fruit of the Spirit with one another. Many of us have been battling loneliness, fatigue, and illnesses (one teammate in her 30′s just recovered from the shingles!). Pray that, whether in need or in plenty, we’d be drawn to our Lord, our true strength.

2013 March – PRAISE & REQUEST

  • Easter – Thank God for the Good News. Praise Him that we are counted as his sons and daughters; that He knows us by name and has rescued. Thank Him for the freedom of worship that most of us enjoy. 
  • Sovanny & Phea – Please pray for their spiritual protection and continual growth. Please pray for wisdom and unity as they continue to figure out how God wants to use them. Pray for their parents to be open to the Gospel and that the Holy Spirit would change their hearts.
  • Toul Sangke Church Plant – A ministry update is coming but please keep all the team players in your prayers: Christina Thomas (project leader), Hong (the national partner), John Gim and Pastor Tim (team mates), Soklyda (teaches Sunday school), and all the students and factory workers who attend classes and/or Sunday service. Please pray for wisdom and continual perseverance. Please pray that more would be open to the Gospel. Pray for the community to continue to witness Christ’s love and respond to it accordingly.

2013 March – PRAISE & REQUEST

  • Paul’s Health – Thank you everyone who has been praying for Paul. After two weeks of being sick, he is finally better!
  • Lee Family – Please pray for our health. We’re not sure why but we’ve all taken turns getting sick or suffering from allergies. The hot weather, blackouts and busyness of life leave us feeling worn. Please pray for physical strength and endurance.
  • Khmer Christian Church – Pray that God would continue to develop a mission heart at KCC. Pray that He would work in the lives of the university students at KCC, that from this group of believers God would raise the next generation of missionaries. Please pray for Pastor Samath and his wife as they serve faithfully and diligently at KCC.
  • Pastor Tet – Pray that God would use Pastor Tet as he evangelizes to and disciples the villagers in Prey Thom. Pray for physical safety during his commutes to and from Prey Thom.
  • Prey Thom – Praise God for His leading. We are thankful and amazed to witness young, new believers sharing the Gospel and people accepting Christ into their lives. Please continue to pray for the KCC members who go on these trips as well as those who have recently received the Gospel. Ask the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of the villagers so that others would also respond to the Gospel.
  • KCC’s English Conversation Classes – We have recently started an English Conversation class three days a week as an outreach for the university students. Paul teaches twice a week, Susan once. Pray for the members to have an opportunity to invite their friends and that it’d be an opportunity to build relationships with both the young believers and non-believers.


  • Paul – Please pray that he’d be faithful as husband and father as his first priority. Please pray for wisdom as he continues in ministry, in helping oversee the three church plants.
  • Language Learning – Please pray for creative and effective ways for us to learn Khmer so that we can connect with people in meaningful ways, whether in the context of teaching and discipling or friendship and counseling. Pray that we would persevere, be motivated and diligent in our studies.
  • Friendships – Please pray for all of us in our family that we can build meaningful relationships with Khmer people, not only in a ministry context but even friendships. Please pray specifically for Caleb & Nate to find or develop solid, genuine friendships with kids on and outside our team.
  • Khmer Christian Church (Toul Kork) Members – Please pray that God would continue to mature the members of the church plant, specifically to be faithful as Christians in their communities, workplaces and schools.
  • MTW Missionaries @KCC – Ask God to help the Lees and Shims to be able to worship, build relationships and be a blessing to the church, despite the language barrier; especially for the children as they learn to worship in a Khmer church.
  • KCC Reaching the Unreached – Pray that God would lead KCC to future church planting opportunities, especially in the unreached areas of the country.


  • Pastor Tet’s Sister Found – Thank you for your prayers and concern. Although we know little detail, after working with the local police and the military, they were able to find his sister. She has since returned to her hometown, deciding it is safer than living in the city. Please continue to pray for her recovery.
  • Home Found – The wait was a little longer than expected but we have found a home and moved in. We are still slowly getting settled but enjoying our own place and its surroundings.


  • Paul & Lloyd’s Nepal Trip – Pray for their safety as they travel but also during their time there. Pray that they will return encouraged and better-equipped to serve their team and the different ministry opportunities here in Cambodia and SE Asia.
  • Our Team Health – This seems to be an area of vulnerability for our team. Whether constant stomach issues or unexpected emergencies, people on our team are constantly facing something. Please pray for protection, healing, and health. Pray that we would not fall into discouragement or anxiety. Physical health is not the only issue. Often, we are battling loneliness, self-doubt, marital strife, and parental challenges without the support we’re used to. Please pray that we would turn the Lord, as He teaches us to depend upon Him. Pray that we would deal with each other with grace, humility and forbearance.
  • Our Home – Nothing is to be taken for granted, even having your own home. It’s not a given. It’s not something we’re entitled to but it’s a gift. Please pray that we’d be patient and thankful as we wait upon the Lord to lead us to our new abode, making the most of our time spent with our hosts. Please ask God to prepare a home that is safe and comfortable and placed in a community where we can build solid relationships. God knows all our needs and wants, even those we not yet know or can’t articulate.  We are pursuing one place that will be available some time in December but we are waiting for firm dates and a contract.


In Cambodia (mid-end of October)

  • Thank you – We are thankful because God has provided tangible, generous hands and feet who provide care and encouragement through our friends and team mates. This has been true whether in the States or in Cambodia. (Thank you!) We were able to purchase a car and find a potential home within a couple of days. Though things are still being finalized, we know God made clear, smooth paths to get to this point.
  • Our Adjustment – Homeless, carless, and returning to lots of changes & uncertainties leaves us feeling anxious and overwhelmed sometimes. Please pray that during this time of we’d depend on and be content with the one constant, our Lord Jesus.
  • Our Team – A growing team of brothers and sisters who are uniquely gifted brings many blessing but there are challenges as well. Please pray for unity in the midst of diversity. Pray that each of us would stand firm in the Lord, giving ourselves fully to the Lord’s work (1 Corinthians 15:58), especially when we face struggles and loneliness.
  • Language Learning – It’s a bit discouraging to realize how much we’ve forgotten, of the little we grasped when we were here before. Yet we long to be able to deeply and accurately communicate with the Cambodians that God has brought into our lives. Please pray that we would not be discouraged but persevere; that God would give us the ability to grasp the language, remembering that our goal is to love the people.
  • Cambodians Christians – Just like any of us, our brothers and sisters here need encouragement, accountability, discipleship and fellowship. Please pray that God would provide for their physical as well as spiritual needs. Pray that we may listen and be obedient to the ways He desires to use us, specifically that we can come alongside them to encourage and strengthen the church here.

Pre-Cambodia (early October)

  • Travel to Cambodia – Please pray for safe and healthy travels.
  • Shelter & Transportation – As soon as we get there we will be looking for our new home and transportation. Please pray that we can find a home that meets our budget and our needs, is in a safe location close to our ministry sites and in a community where we can build relationships with Cambodians, has stable electricity and minimal/no flooding and access to paved roads, and is comfortable and a place our family can find refuge.
  • Caleb & Nate – Thankfully, they are both very excited to return but sad to leave loved ones here. Please pray for them as they readjust to life in Cambodia and having to understand and deal with the coming and going of missions life. We have yet to start school and they are hungry for some structure and routine. Pray for the friendships they’re returning to but also new ones that God has prepared for them.
  • Team Retreat – A few days after we arrive, we will be having our annual team retreat. We are returning to a team that has about doubled. Please pray for our time together to bring unity in our fast growing, diverse team. Please pray that God would refresh and renew each individual as well as family, including the children.
  • Ministry – We are excited to return and catch up with the ministries we left behind. Please pray that we would not get swept under all the tasks and stress but that we would be sensitive and obedient to God’s leading. Pray that Paul would rely on the Holy Spirit to lead, teach, and love; pray that God would provide the needed wisdom and humility.
  • Language Learning – Please pray for our language learning so that we can build deeper relationships with people; that we would be diligent and persevering as well as for the ability to learn. Please pray that God would bring people who can be our language helpers as well as people with whom we can have a genuine friendship (for grown-ups and kids).


  • Fundraising – We’ve hit 100%! Thank you, Lord! Thank you to all who have been praying and who are financially supporting us. Thank you for all who have shared in this process.
  • Time with MTW in Atlanta – Please pray for our family’s health during this time. Although it’s been an honest blessing to meet with our MTW family and glean wisdom from the humble staff here, we are physically exhausted. The boys have been doing a great job being with the caregivers all day but Caleb is sick with a fever and sore throat. The rest are fighting it.
  • Returning to Cambodia – We are hoping to return to Cambodia as soon as possible. Please pray that everything would go smoothly so we can get the official approval in time to catch our flight on October 11. At the same time please pray for our remaining time here in the States that we get everything done but also make the most with family and friends.
  • In Cambodia – Please pray that God finds us a home and that He would clearly leads us there. He knows our needs and wants better than we do. Please pray for Caleb & Nate’s adjustment to leaving all that they love in the U.S. and returning to Cambodia. Pray that God would help Paul and Susan to be wise and patient in loving them during this time.


  • Our HMA – We’ve been here for 5 months, a little longer than we initially planned. We’re thankful for the times we’ve had with loved ones, meeting new people, getting to know MTW and benefitting from their training, and sharing with churches and people what God is doing. We’re thankful that we have been able to adjust well us through this full schedule and used many people to lavish us with love and encouragement. Please pray that God would sustain us through our packed schedule, help us be productive and get things done while not neglecting what’s important to Him, and to find times of rest.
  • MTW I&O (Interview & Orientation) – We are about to leave for a week in Atlanta, GA for our last assessment. Please pray that we stay focused and motivated and that God would use that time to strengthen and equip us. Please pray that we get their final stamp of approval to go!
  • Fundraising – We are aiming to return by early October but still need about $300 in monthly pledges (i.e. three $100 per month pledges or six $50 per month pledges, etc.) Please pray that God will continue to raise partners who desire to pray and financially support the ministry that God is doing in Cambodia. Please pray that we would be not be anxious but wait upon the Lord and His timing.
  • Returning to Cambodia – Our family, including the boys, are excited to return to Phnom Penh where we will need to find a new home and, hopefully, retrieve our things left in storage all this time. We hope to make it back in time for our team retreat in mid-October where we will reunite with old team mates and get to know the many new units that have since joined. We plan to jump back into language learning and cultural acquisition as well as ministry, being more mindful of including the boys in this process. Please pray for spiritual protection and wisdom to guide us through the nitty gritty of our daily demands and goals and to sustain us through the long-term process with a commitment to God and a love for His people. Please pray that He will lead us to our new home and a helper.
  • Paul’s Mom – Thank you for all your prayers and for all of you who reached out to her in different ways. She is fully recovered. It is with things like these that make being away difficult. We are deeply comforted to know we have a support team to pray and be our hands and feet when we can’t be there.
  • Susan’s Family – Please continue to intercede for Susan’s father and brother who do not know Jesus as their Savior and Lord. Please pray for that His Holy Spirit will work in their hearts and bring people who will love them and contextualize the Gospel for them. Please pray that Susan’s mom’s faith and relationship with her Father will deepen and that she will find a community of believers.
  • Adoption – We hope to take some active steps in pursuing adoption once we return to Cambodia. We would love to bring home a baby girl who needs a family and lots of love. Please pray for wisdom and God’s clear leading as we try to figure out from where and through which organization is possible given our circumstances.


  • Time in the U.S. – We plan on returning to the field some time in September. Please pray that our time here will be a time of renewal and encouragement for our family and for all our relationships. Pray that our family may be an encouragement to our families, friends and the body of Christ here; that God will use our times of sharing and presenting as well as Paul’s preaching to edify the church. Also that God will sustain and protect us in the of our hectic schedule while in the States and provide times of rest.
  • Health – Please pray for competent medical care for the whole family and healing for some of our ailments.
  • Adoption – Please pray for clarity in confirming His will, followed by definite steps of action in faith; that we’d have patience and guidance through the unconventional, unmapped process.
  • Support Raising – We need to raise enough financial and prayer support for our next terms in Cambodia, about two to three years. Please pray for God to use this aspect of missions to stretch our faith and realize His power and our dependency as well as giving senders an opportunity to obey His call.
  • Returning to Cambodia – Please pray for God’s timing for our return and His wisdom as we continue to discern our long-term goals. Pray for our continual language and culture acquisition, including Caleb & Nate, that we may be effective ambassadors of Christ.
  • Team – During the “summer” things are very busy with short-term teams and medical clinics. Three family units, including us, will be on their HMA. Please pray for their protection, unity and sustenance.


  • Paul & Susan – We are thankful for our growth in our marriage. We have seen God working in our own hearts and how that has affected our relationship. As things are busy and we’re getting older (Paul turns 40 this year!), please pray for our overall health.
  • Caleb – He has recently shared with Lloyd, our team leader, during a team prayer time, how he still struggles with his faith; sometimes feeling like Christianity is just a fairy tale and is unsure of the genuineness of his faith. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will illuminate his heart. Please pray that Paul & Susan will be patient and have wisdom with him.
  • Susan’s Mom – We are thankful that Susan’s mom was able to come and visit for a month (November). More than anything, we are thankful that we got to walk alongside her in her new faith in Christ and take communion with her at church. Please continue to pray for her spiritual growth and that God would provide a Christian community.
  • Adoption – We are continually praying for God’s leading in this, though haven’t had time to do much research. Please pray for clarity from God to discern His will. If it is His plan, please pray that He will lead us through all the logistics, connecting us to the right people and resources. BTW, this morning during Susan’s prayer time with the boys, Nate’s one prayer request was for “a little sister.”
  • Toul Kork Church Plant – Last Sunday, January 1st, was the opening service of one of the two church planting projects. It is now called the Khmer Christian Church. During the few outreach events that lead up to the opening service, we had a good turn out. Though the opening service was a little disappointing, we are excited as we continue to meet to worship. Please pray for spiritual protection and that the Spirit will work in people’s hearts and come to worship. Please pray for Paul has he continues to work with Pastor Samath to produce bible studies and theological documents to help disciple and train leaders and members.
  • Toul Sangke Church  – We have recently had a handful of outreach events where many have expressed interest in knowing more about Jesus. We are trying to follow up with bible studies. Pray that God will continue to work in the hearts and minds of the many who have heard the Gospel. Pray that we will build meaningful relationships through the different outreach activities that will lead to the sharing of the Gospel. Please pray for leadership and wisdom with this church planting project that is still in its infancy stage.
  • Sok Leap – Our former student, who has returned to his hometown and been keeping in touch with Paul, recently visited. We have learned that he has been baptized and has been serving the Lord at his local church. He will meet with Paul monthly to disciple him and help him decipher his next steps.


  • Adoption – Many of you already know that we have long talked and prayed about the possibility of adoption. Please intercede for us as we have committed to praying to discern if this is God’s will for the Lee family and, if so, the when, from where, how, etc. The boys are both on board. Nate is ready to practice on any baby we encounter. Currently, adoption in Cambodia is not an option because of the laws, though things are always changing.
  • Our Family – Our busy life has gotten even more busy. Paul seems to be in one meeting or another all the time. This October will get intense as Susan starts her Khmer class again and we will be in the thick of all our different ministry involvements. Please pray for continual strength as well as wisdom in finding down time and quality family time. Please pray that we’d show grace and patience in the midst of stress. Please pray that we would be responsible without being too task-oriented that we lose sight of God and His people.
  • Caleb – Thank you for all your prayers and words of care for him. Friendships with kids on the team has been so wonderful. It’s been a blessing to see him “click” with the other kids. He feels more comfortable with the Logos kids this semester, after spending a summer being the new kid on the block.
  • Nate – Those who know Susan also know how she’s not the best with potty training. But thankfully Nate is potty-trained and proud of it! She owes him a Stormer 3.0 (a lego hero factory).
  • Visiting the States – We are in the process of figuring out the best timing for our visit. There are handful of factors to consider so pray for wisdom and God’s timing. Pray that we would be at peace and all things involved would go smoothly.
  • Ministry – Please remember to pray for the various ministry activities: (1) Toul Sangke Church Plant – Paul’s mentoring Christina, Susan & Christina’s English outreach to the factory workers, and Paul’s expanding children’s English outreach; we are in the process of figuring out which Khmer Christians to work with as evangelists, teachers, translators. (2) Toul Kork Church Plant – Paul’s discipleship time with the core and the planning and preparing for the launch early next year.
  • Sok Leap – Though he has not been able to meet for bible studies for a couple of months, Paul and Sokleap have met briefly a couple of times. It has been disheartening hearing of his trials and tribulations. However Paul was encouraged after his meeting last night. It was evident how Sokleap has been delving in God’s Word. Please pray for Sokleap’s faith, for comfort in the midst of hardships, and for his mom who is seriously ill.


  • Our Family – We can genuinely say that are family is doing well. Despite the heat and busyness, we are feeling more comfortable and enjoying our life out here. We are thankful that we can be here and not only be a part of the work God is doing here but for the work He is doing in our own hearts.
  • Caleb  – Caleb is about to end his 3-week summer school session where he has finally learned to overcome his fear and swim. YAY! During the past 3 weeks where he was the new kid on the block, he has experienced occasional exclusion and constant bullying when the teachers (a short-term team) weren’t looking. Please pray for wisdom on our parts to know how to teach and comfort Caleb. We want to teach him in the ways of the Lord and not give in to earthly methods. We hope this would be an opportunity for Him to cling to Jesus and know He is loved and never forsaken.
  • Language Learning – Please continue to pray for our language studies. Currently Susan has taken a month off on all studies to manage the many other things going on but will resume tutoring in August and take Level 3 in October. Please pray that Paul will continue to be diligent in his studying, be encouraged at his progress and not discouraged by how much lies ahead, and that God would provide the ability to learn the language.
  • General Ministry – We can’t remember a busier time as half our team is back in the States due to medical reasons while juggling between short-term teams, the arrival of new team families, continuing and launching new ministry activities, and Paul’s preaching. Right now, while Christina is in the States, Paul is in charge of the activities in the Toul Sangke church planting site (where we live). Please pray for wisdom and spiritual protection. Please pray that God would bring who He wants to bring to hear the Gospel, that their hearts would be ready, and that we’d be a good steward of this opportunity with love and boldness.
  • Children’s Ministry – Last Saturday was the start of the children’s English class but the village leader gave the wrong day so Paul went to round up the kids. Please pray that God would lead the kids over the next 5 Saturdays as we provide English class and VBS (with the help of a short-term team), hoping to build a relationship not only with the kids but their families.
  • Displace (by Fire) Families – The Kims (team leader) and our family recently hosted another dinner with 2 of the families that were affected by the fire. After our catered dinner (Khmer food for $2.50/person!), Lloyd gave a gospel presentation in Khmer. Pray that God would work have mercy and work in the hearts to hear the Good News, despite how foreign it is for them. Pray for wisdom in knowing how to continue to build a meaningful relationship with them. We are hoping that some of them would start attending our English classes.
  • Our MTW Team – It seems the mode of attack for Satan on our team has been health. The past two years, there have been at least 4 major medical emergencies. Even in our short time here, we are experiencing and witnessing it in our team. This has ranged from cancer, typhoid, car accidents, spine surgery, etc. Please pray for spiritual protection as well as healing, perseverance, and unity in the midst of it.
  • Sokleap – Paul’s student that attends the weekly bible study/English session. He had written a testimony that was posted on our team blog. He became a Christian thru this ministry (right before we got involved) but since has struggled with his fear of the spirits. Please pray that God would minister to him as he is wavering in his faith. Please pray for Paul and Sovanny (a team mate who has been helping Paul with translation during their weekly sessions).


  • Susan’s Mom – After our departure from the States and feeling very vulnerable, she decided to attend church with the encouragement from her recently made NJ friends. A few months later she decided to become a member and was baptized. It’s been a process but when Susan had more direct conversations with her in Korea, it seems she has opened her heart to Jesus and is trying to grow in understanding her newfound faith. Please pray that God would help her find a solid church and to grow her faith and knowledge in the Lord.
  • Health – After the initial weeks of battling different stomach ailments and colds, the family has been doing much better.


  • Teaching English & Bible Study – We will be joining the garment factory ministry in May when the next session begins. We will be teaching English and Paul will also be conducting a bible study with whoever is interested. Please pray that we would be effective teachers, build relationships, and share Christ through our words and deeds.
  • Learning Khmer – We have just completed Level 1 and started Level 2, lasting another three months. Please pray that we will continue to be diligent and motivated in our studies.
  • Susan’s Friend, Sotida – Please pray for Susan and a potential friendship with a neighbor and classmate, Sotida (a 21-year old from Laos studying Khmer and English). Please pray for their car rides together and for an opportunity to invite her over for a korean meal. We hope to be able to build a substantial friendship with Sotida, despite the language barrier, and show and share Jesus with her, who has never heard of him.
  • Caleb – Please continue to pray for his assurance of salvation as he struggles with the genuineness and perseverance of his faith. Please pray that God would give Paul & Susan wisdom as we try to come alongside him patiently and continuously, talking and praying through his fears and anxieties.
  • Trip to Korea – The family will leave on April 5 for a two-week vacation in Seoul, where they will meet Paul & Susan’s moms as well as other family members.


  • Care Packages – All our packages that we are expecting have arrived. Some are still in transit but so far we have not lost one, though some have been opened and inspected. It sounds trivial but to us these packages keeps us connected with you, reminds us that we are supported and cared for, and allows us to enjoy things we miss.
  • Learning Khmer – Another missionary here reminded me that the fact that I [Susan] have been enjoying learning Khmer and progressing is something to be thankful for. Each day communicating with my helper is improving, making mundane tasks easier and something to be thankful for.
  • Health – Paul and the boys have been suffering from periodic stomach problems and diarrhea. After taking antibiotics and/or medication for parasites worms we all seem better. Please continue to pray for protection and health but also that we would persevere and not be discouraged during times of illness.


  • Getting Involved – There is always a plethora of ways to get involved and serve.  We need to be wise with our time, energy and resources. We want to make sure what we are doing is where God would have us be and to do it well not with a divided heart and mind. All while trying to make time for our marriage and our quality family time.
  • Learning Khmer – We have less than a month until Level 1 ends. Pray that we will continue to study diligent and that we would learn quickly. Paul will definitely continue on to Level 2 but Susan’s continuation depends on finding a sitter or working out a schedule so the kids are looked after.
  • Relationships – Please pray that our relationships as husband and wife, as father and mother, as sons, as teammates, as neighbor, as ambassador of Christ, etc would be founded on Christ and His love and power. Pray that it would bring God glory, even through struggles and repentance and faith. Pray that God would bring Khmer people and opportunities into our lives where we may share the Gospel.

2010 December 9 – REQUEST

We wanted to wrap our flurry of posts with some prayer requests.  We humbly ask you to join us in this ministry by praying for and alongside us. Below are some prayer requests:

  • Learning the language and culture in order to reach out and love the people of Cambodia – Pray that we would be diligent in our studies and take initiative in using Khmer. Pray that we would learn and understand the culture, especially the things that are not so obvious or direct.
  • Team relationships – There are 17 people on our team, not including the children, and more to come. They are essentially our family in Cambodia. Please pray for love, humility and unity as we get to know them and work with them.
  • Family Life – Pray that we would show each other much patience and grace with one another, especially as we homeschool and train the boys. Pray that our family may continue to grow in our own relationships with our Lord.
  • Caleb – Pray that God would provide a close friend. Thankfully there are many kids and some are his age or close but still lacking a deep and mutual connection that he desires.
  • Nate – Pray that he would learn to trust and obey his parents as we continue to address his tantrums and clinginess. Pray that we would understand him better, deal with him graciously and wisely.

Please be patient with us as we try to get in the habit of updating this page with not only requests but also updates. We hope this would be used as a tool to support us but also how God answers prayers and get a glimpse of what He is doing with and around us.

Though we might be absent from you physically, we genuinely desire to come alongside you in prayer. Please share with us your own prayer requests, however mundane or urgent.


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