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West Coast HMA

Happy Khmer New Year! This week is one of Cambodia’s well-observed, three-day holiday. Most leave the city to visit their hometown, making Phnom Penh feel like a quiet ghost town; a nice reprieve for us. Thankfully as the city has developed, there are more malls, restaurants and supermarkets available so we don’t have to stock up with food and water.

Driving During KNY – here’s a quick video we took yesterday


It seems the longer we’re on the field, the less frequent we are able to do formal blog updates. Thank you for your patience. Hopefully between emails, FB, etc we’re able to keep you updated but it’s also why our Home Mission Assignments (HMA) are so important.

We wanted to let you know our schedule and hope we can meet with you and catch up in person. We hope not only to share with you what’s been going on with us but also to hear what’s been going on with you. If you are around the area during these dates, please let us know.

  • MTW West Coast Missions Conference in Roseville, CA – April 26-27
  • Northern California – end of April through first week of May
  • Southern California (LA area) – 2nd of week of May to mid-June
  • Southern California (San Diego area) – mid-June to end of June
  • Phoenix/Mesa, AZ – end of June to early July
  • Chattanooga, TN – 1st week of July
  • Atlanta, GA – 2nd week of July
  • MTW ReConnect in Ridge Haven, NC – July 12-15

Some pics of the boys’ last performance and graduation with their Bridges Homeschool co-op. Our beloved drama teacher the last 5 years will be returning to the UK and we will be taking a hiatus from the coop for at least a term.

Nate in “The Gruffalo”

Caleb as the “The Beast” 


Bridges Graduation & Send-off Prayer for two families leaving the field

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East Coast HMA – Nov & Dec 2017

It’s already been a little over two years since we returned from our last HMA in 2015.  We are getting ready for our next 2-month HMA.We will be focused on the east coast, specially New York and New Jersey. We are trying something different this time. We hope to make it a little more sustainable and restorative for our family but also have more quality time with our loved ones and home church. It’s been seven years since we’ve last celebrated the holidays or birthdays with family.

Late-Night Airport Welcome HMA-2015

We hope our east-coast friends and supporters understand and would be willing to meet us in our area, if possible. In hopes to make this more feasible, below is our schedule where we will be visiting our supporting churches in the tri-state area. For our west-coast supporters, we plan to take our next HMA near you!


Oct 31, Tues @10:50 AM – Arrive at JFK (NY)
Nov 5, Sun @2:30PM Sojourner Presbyterian Church (Hackensack, NJ) – Mission Presentation (but worship service at 12:30PM)
Nov 10-12 MTW Global Mission Conference (Dallas, TX)
 Nov 19, Sun @9:30AM Northshore Community Church (Long Island, NY) – Preach & Present
Nov 29, Wed @8PM Cham Doen Presbyterian Church (Englewood, NJ) – Mission Presentation
Dec 3, Sun @10:30AM Good News New Brunswick (East Brunswick, NJ) – Preach & Present
Dec 10, Sun @11AM KPCOW (Pelham, NY) – Preach & Present
Dec 17, Sun @10:30AM Riverside Community Church (Elmwood, NJ) – Short Presentation
Dec 24, Sun @12:30 PMSojourner Presbyterian Church – Preach
Dec 31, Sun @12:30 PMSojourner Presbyterian Church – Preach
Jan 1, Mon @1:00 PM – Depart for Cambodia on

We hope to see many of you. If you are able to attend any of these venues and need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

PLEASE PRAY for our time back in our passport-country. We need your prayers.
  • To be able to connect, be refreshed, encourage and be encouraged, listen and share, enjoy and savor all that comes our way.
  • To represent well what God is doing in Southeast Asia at these speaking engagements but also when we meet with people. To share God’s heart and testify to His goodness and power.
  • Logistics – Paul & Susan both need to renew their driver’s licenses as soon as they arrive.
  • Time – God would work out time to meet and have quality time with every suppporter.
  • Health check-ups – Always a daunting task but we all need to have our general, eye, dental, etc check-ups.
See you soon!

BTW, this means Christmas cards can be sent to us to our homes in the States either Paul’s parents’ home or Susan’s mom. If you need an address, please let us know.

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Term 3.0

It’s been almost a month since we’ve left the States to return…home. We spent four months traveling to eight different states, changing our “home away from home” more than 40 times. Although it was a grueling schedule, we are so thankful we had a chance to reconnect with most of our beloved supporting churches, former short-termers and interns, friends and family. We’re thankful for the evidence of love and support during the times of worship, prayer and fellowship. We’re so thankful to so many who made time for us during their own busy schedules, showed hospitality and housed us, fed us, and treated us to many wonderful experiences. Thank you for asking questions and wanting to know more. Thank you for times of reprieve and rest. Thank your for understanding our limitations and showing needed grace and encouragement. Thank you for your friendship and partnership. Thank you…

Car Ride to San Jose
Our typical pastime while in the States when alone

One of Paul’s Many Presentations
(Thank you, Jeany, for the photo)

Although our time in the States was one we cherish, we often longed to be back in our own home in Cambodia. We longed for routine and rest. The boys were anxious to reunite with their friends. Our first weeks back weren’t as we had imagined though.  We returned to a home damaged from plumbing issues, rains, and floods. Yet we are thankful for our neighbors, landlord and helper who watched over and cared for our home in our absence and have helped eased the whole process. We are slowly getting things back into shape.

Repairing our Home

Boys Reunited with Friends

The Life They Love

Upon our return, we have hit the ground running as we start our third term here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Four days after our initial return, we flew out to Malaysia for our MTW Area Retreat (every 4 years). It was a much-needed time to be fed & encouraged in the Word and in the fellowship of other missionaries. Since returning from Malaysia, our team has been hosting three teams. Paul will soon be traveling to Myanmar and Vietnam with the annual SEAP Vision Team, which arrived a few days ago. Meanwhile, Susan has been cleaning up and repairing the home and preparing to start her 6th year of homeschooling. Caleb will begin sixth grade and Nate second grade.

IMG_1195First Sunday at KCC: Baptism of Two New Believers


Susan Joins a Morning of Campus Evangelism w KCC & a Short-Term Team

IMG_1247Boys Start TKD

Please PRAY

  • Paul – Please pray for Paul. He leaves with the team from Thursday, Aug 20, to Friday, Aug 28, for Myanmar and Vietnam, with a few days in Cambodia in between. Pray for safety and protection. Pray for needed physical strength, health, and good sleep. Pray that God would have them see His Heart & His Glory. May He use them to also to encourage and bless the national partners.
  • Myanmar – Please pray for this country that has recently suffered severe floods earlier this month. Many of the villages and church planting work we are partnered with has suffered. Please pray for our brothers there who are in need of encouragement but also tangible disaster relief. Pray for wisdom and resources for those involved in this, including Paul who is working with MTW and our national partner there. Pray for the millions of people who suffer food shortages from the crop damage.
  • Our Home – Please pray for protection over our home from further flooding and damage. We have made some repairs and hope it will suffice. We are reluctant in moving because of its affordability and for the sake of our children who are very rooted in this community. We hope to continue to build deeper relationships with the Cambodians with whom we have gained some level of trust and respect.
  • Susan & the Boys – Please pray for the start of our new school season. We have some work to catch up on due to our long HMA and delay due to home construction. Pray not only that we are diligent but also that we’d show each other and ourselves grace, knowing when to rest and take breaks and how to juggle everyday life with supporting ministry. Pray that our homeschool group, which is also facing transition with our former director returning to the States and new family members.

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HMA 2.0

Airport w Juns

We’ve arrived in San Francisco on Friday and have hit the ground running. We’ve already attended two Sunday services, a friend’s installation service, and have slept at a different home every night. We love the fresh air of Northern California and its natural surroundings; peaceful walks at the park, biking on a bike path free of cars, cows and potholes, and jogs around a bay-inlet. We have reunited with long-time friends and former short-term teams and even made some new friends. We have been showered with prayer and generous hospitality and kindness  through hospitality, thoughtful gifts, and delicious meals. It hasn’t even been a week…

In & Out w Kylee & Marcus Lees w CCPC STT

Bike to Target w Yoons  Nerf Gun War w Yoons

  PL Charge for Ben's Installation  Pastors at Ben's Installation  

Although our HMA (Home Mission Assignment) is a special gift to rest in one’s own culture and reunite with loved ones, the packed schedule and living out of a suitcase can be challenging. We relish every moment here in the States while half our hearts are on our friends and ministries left behind back on the field. Whether on the field or on our HMA, we need your prayer.

Car Ride to San Jose


* Health and Strength – Although most of our time is spent with loving friends and supporting churches, our schedule is packed and requires a lot traveling. Please pray for our overall health and a quick recovery from jet lag. Please ask that God would give us daily strength to be faithful for what He has planned for that day. Pray that we can be gracious and patient when we are tired and stretched. Pray that we can enjoy and savor in the midst of a hectic schedule.

* To Bless & Be Blessed – Please pray for Paul. He will be preaching almost every Sunday that we’re in the States. Pray for all of us that we may wisely and share the things God would have us share about our time in Cambodia. May He use us to build up His Kingdom and encourage His people wherever we go. May we in turn also be ready to be encouraged and blessed, returning to Cambodia refreshed and renewed.

* MTW Cambodia – Please pray for our teammates in Cambodia who continue to persevere and be faithful to their daily living and their usual ministries in Cambodia but also the extra load of short-term teams and summer interns. Pray for the church plant sites where we are directly involved with (KCC, RCC and AKJ) and the friendships we left behind. That we would know and acknowledge God’s faithfulness and goodness. That we’d be filled with comfort and joy despite being separated.

HMA Schedule

March 20 – April 1  Northern California
April 1 – April 20    Southern California
April 20 – May 3     New York/New Jersey
May 3 – May 10      Pennsylvania
May 10 – May 18    New York/New Jersey
May 18 – May 22    Chicago
May 22 – June 18   New York/New Jersey
June 18 – June 26  Boston; Washington D.C./Northern Virginia
June 26 – July 8     New York/New Jersey
July 8 – July 12      Atlanta; Brevard, N.C.
July 12 – July 21     New York/New Jersey
July 21                    Departure Date

Last City: Foster City, CA
Current City: Davis, CA
Next City:  Alameda, CA
# Cities Visited: 3
# Housing: 4

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