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Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We wanted to express our gratitude for your support and prayers for the church building project. We also wanted to provide an update on the progress of the project.

Thanks to your generous support we have raised $28,000 of the $36,667 we need to raise. God has also been faithful in providing land for RCC to build the church and dorm. RCC was able to put a deposit for a 9 meter x 20 meter which will be perfect for the building. It is also located in an area of the city that will be suitable for the students residing at the dorm as well as church members coming to worship.

Please continue to pray that God would raise additional partners to help with the rest of the support needed and that purchase of the land and construction of the church would go smoothly.

If you have any questions please contact: pl710@mac.com (Paul Lee, MTW missionary in Cambodia).
If you would like to support financially: please visit https://mtw.org/projects/cambodia-city-church-planting


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Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year’s!

Our family had our fill of tradition korean soup, dduk-gook, while in the States but tomorrow morning we’re headed out to airport to return to Cambodia. We’ll be eating on the go instead.


The last couple of months have been busy. We got our driver’s licenses renews and all our dental and medical check-ups. Every week or two, we’d pack up again and change locations between Paul’s parents’ in NY and Susan’s mom’s in NJ’s. Yet is was also full of amazing gifts from our Heavenly Father – the beauty of the fall foliage, snow and snowball fights with cousins, enjoying delicious, new foods or comfort, childhood foods, and amazing experiences with friends and family.  The biggest gift is the reminder that we are loved and cared for by our Father through the people He’s surrounded us with.

There are times on the mission field you feel alone, wondering if anyone remembers us as the years away increase. There are times where you wonder where you’re place is in this life. Our time back was a constant, overwhelming reminder that we are not forgotten, we are not alone. People were willing to drive or fly hours and miles to see us for just a moment, to make time in their own busy schedule to care for us and to be present with us.  People were praying. People were asking. People wanted to know.

We are thankful that God allows us to get a glimpse at how He is working here – in the States, in the churches we’ve visited, in the individual lives. We are thankful we get to understand more intimately the struggles and the victories. We hope that this would spur us on to pray faithfully and specifically for those He’s placed in our lives. We are thankful we are reminded that we are a part of the global Church and we need one another.

Lastly, we want to share that our last Sunday here, Dec 31, Caleb Lee was confirmed at our home church by our friend and pastor. It’s one of the greatest gifts as a parent. Humbled by our Lord. Please continue to pray for him as he continues his journey of faith with his Lord and Friend. Please pray also for Nate as we prepare him and need wisdom to discern his own faith.


Thank all of you for all the ways you are the hands, feet, mouths of Christ, pointing us to Him. Thank you for the ways you have helped raise Caleb (and Nate) in the ways of the Lord. Thank you for the ways you each uniquely love, care for, and support us so that we are sustained and comforted.

After all these years, you would think it gets easier but goodbyes are so hard. Instead…”See you soon, God willing.”

Please pray:

  • Thank God for Himself. Acknowledge and thank Him for these amazing, real blessings.
  • We will catch our flight from JFK (NY) to Cambodia at 1PM. Please pray as all of us are sick with a cough, cold and fatigue. Pray for strength and health as we return to water damage to our home that needs to be addressed.
  • Pray for our adjustment. January is a very busy month of ministry and homeschool.
    • Jan 9:  Pech & Sok Ny’s wedding. Two young believers from our church, KCC.
    • Jan 11-13: Annual Pastors’ Conference with former co-Leader, Albert Shim, as the guest speaker. Please pray for him as he leaves his busy USA schedule. Pray for his wife, Tina, and three kids, who he leaves behind.
    • Jan 21-27: Two visitors
    • Jan 26-Feb 3: Short-term team from our home church, Sojourner Presbterian Church. Pray for their packed week during which they will be serving at KCC/Prey Thom, Precious Women and Angk’jeay.

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We have been greatly encouraged to see the Khmer Church grow in number and in maturity throughout the country. In Phnom Penh, one such church is Redemption in Christ Church (RCC). RCC was a planted in early 2012 with the goal of being a witness of the gospel in their community called Toul Sangke. They have been reaching out to the community through English and computer classes, medical clinics and children’s ministries. Through these outreach efforts, families and university students in the community have been coming and have become members of RCC. As they have been growing together in the gospel, they have been worshipping together, deepening their relationship with God and each other and reaching out to the local community through evangelism and mercy ministries.


Phnom Penh has also been growing at a rapid rate which has posed a challenge to the local Khmer churches including RCC. The cost of rent for a church building has been increasing at a much faster rate than salaries. This has resulted in churches having to move locations after the leases end. This not only effects the churches but also the communities they were ministering in. Because of rising rental prices, RCC had to move in 2015 to another area of Toul Sangke and now they may have to move again.

In discussion with the Cambodian pastors in the presbytery that RCC is a part of, we have decided on purchasing land and constructing a church building to provide a stable location for the church.  Through Mission to the World’s Ambassador’s program, we have been granted a 1:2 matching grant. For every dollar that is raised, Ambassadors will match two dollars.

The total budget is $110,000. If we are able to raise $36,667, $74,334 will be matched. The funds will be used to provide a church building for RCC to continue ministering in their community for many years to come.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering in this effort? 

If you have any questions please contact: pl710@mac.com (Paul Lee, MTW missionary in Cambodia).
If you would like to support financially: please visit https://mtw.org/projects/cambodia-city-church-planting


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It’s already March 2016!

The last couple of weeks has been a lull after hosting back-to-back visiting teams. It’s been a time of catching up on with family and with our day-to-day ministries. Susan has been keeping herself busy with the usual, driving around town on her moto (sorry, no pic!), and would love your prayers and encouragement.

Most of Susan’s time is filled with typical housewife duties and homeschooling responsibilities. What’s exciting has been seeing how God provide opportunities to form new relationships or how He is deepening existing ones with people in our block or in our everyday lives.

Please Pray:

  • Be a Light – Pray that our family can be a Light in the darkness. Ironically as missionaries, we too can be busy with ministry that we forget to utter the Good News and share with love. Pray that we can be a witness in both word and in deed.
  • Juliette – Susan recently shared the Good News with someone in our homeschool co-op. Pray that the Holy Spirit would change her heart so she could see the light of the gospel.
  • Nisah , Michael & Sah Sah – Three of the boys’ friends (cousins with each other) who live on our block. Pray that God would give us an opportunity to share and that we’d be ready with boldness, confidence and love to share.

This month she restarted her English classes at KCC after taking a year break in 2015. Although her weekly Saturday and Sunday classes means she is teaching something and someone everyday, she is genuinely thankful to have a venue to express love and build relationships with her students.

Please Pray:

  • Susan’s Health – Please pray that she can keep up with her daily responsibilities. Pray that she has the wisdom and strength to be consistent and faithful.
  • Effective Teaching – May the Lord provide the ability and wisdom needed to teach and communicate well and with patience. Through her weakness may God be magnified.
  • Above all, Love –  More than everything else may Susan love her students genuinely, pointing ultimately to Christ.
IMG_1954Celebrating a student’s bday – his first time ever.

There has been a lot of growth in the work God has been doing with MTW Asia Pacific. With growth and opportunities come challenges. Susan has been asked to be a part of a Redesign Committee that hopes to prayerfully assess what God is doing and where He’s leading and how we can build each other. Susan leaves for her first set of meetings in Bangkok this weekend.

Please Pray:

  • Susan’s Health – She is currently sick. Pray for healing and strength hopefully in time for her departure on Thursday. Pray that God would grow and stretch her, be used according to His will and be an encouragement to the others.
  • Paul & The Boys – Pray for Paul who will be holding down the fort back home and homeschooling the boys while Susan is gone. Pray that their time together would be a time they can grow closer to each other.
  • Paul – Pray for Paul’s health as he continues his work and cares for the boys. He will also be flying out for his 5-day Asia Pac meeting the same day Susan returns.

The boys continue to keep her busy with homeschooling, co-op, and extra-curricular. The boys are slowly kicking their way up to black belt. They switched to an Advanced class full of boys that focus on sparring and they just passed their green belt test.

We’re thankful for the many different resources that are available here. We’re especially thankful for our homeschooling coop. Caleb is enjoying a Robotics class while Nate is learning about various cultures from our fellow co-op families who are from all over the world, including Holland, French & Spain, etc.


Please Pray:

  • Culture of Grace – Oftentimes the busyness of life causes a lot of stress that is put on the children. We’ve been intentional in slowing down and taking needed breaks. Pray that we can all have a posture of humility and grace with one another. Pray for wisdom for all of us as we learn to be faithful with who, what, where God has given us.
  • Learning Khmer – We have been committing more time for the boys to learn Khmer. They meet with their tutor, a student from one of our church plants, RCC. Pray for diligence but also encouraging progress.




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Happy Valentine’s Day

Recently Susan posted an article on Facebook about some of the issues and dangers on Valentine’s Day in Cambodia. Issues that is evident in the fact that guest houses and hotels are unusually packed. Issues that exist beyond February 14.

12657898_10154540604530410_9121159172972731101_oMary Flo speaking at Angk’jeay

Yet, we are thankful that God is greater than any darkness and drives out all fear. He works in and through His people. One of those ways was evident this week with our special guests, Mary Flo Ridley, Dave, Hester and Caroline. Throughout the week, Mary Flo spoke at different venues and to different target audiences. Her main desire is to encourage and equip parents to engage with their children in teaching them about sex, marriage and love. She met with people both in Phnom Penh, including  our MTW Cambodia team, our national pastors, university students, and parents at Logos International School, and at one of our village sites in Angk’jeay. For many, both Cambodians and expats, it was something new or something tangible to take back and implement.

Let’s Talk About Love ConferenceIMG_0568

IMG_0571 copy

Please Pray 

  • Thanksgiving – We are humbled and thankful for many of you who have been covering us with prayer. We have senses and seen some of the fruits. Though at times there were challenges, God met all of our needs and has protected their time here.
  • Mary Flo and Hester Bouwer (UK) – May God give them wisdom and energy and continue to lead them where and how He wants to go. May God bear fruit in the work He’s begun during their time here this week.
  • Travel Safety – Please pray for safe travels and health as Mary Flo & Dave Ridley, Caroline and Hester travel back to their homes in Dallas, TX and England.
IMG_1852Another farewell…until we meet again

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Our time has come to a close and we each head back to our home.  It has been such a blessing to have Pastor Ben and Elder George minister to all of us through the Word, speaking specifically about the unique challenges of pastors and their families. It is encouraging as we share with one another honestly and come to the Lord in prayer but also to kick back and just hang out with one another. Thankful for the time these pastors, most of them making up the, Cambodian Presbyterian Association, were able to meet and spur each other on.

IMG_1674Elder George’s Pastoral Self-Care Seminar

Games w Older Kids

Craft Time w Little Ones

Group PicGroup Picture
(photo credit: Albert Shim)

We are so thankful for all those who have come together to make it happen.  Thank you for those who have helped coordinate (Luke & Sokha), to the speakers (Ben & George), and to those  who tirelessly yet patiently took care of the children so the parents could participate and rest. Thank you for your financial support that helps us fund these events. Thank you all who have covered us in prayer.


  • Return Home – Pray for safe travels as many of us travel back to Phnom Penh and some to the village. Pray for Ben & George as they travel back to California in a few days.
  • Pastors & Family  – Pray the pastors return refreshed and renewed, fixing their eyes on Christ as they serve not only their churches and ministries well but their families.
  • Cambodian Presbyterian Association would continue to grow in their relationship with the Lord and in unity with one another; that they may “plant and strengthen churches in Cambodia by faithfully teaching the Word of God and working in unity for the glory of God” (their vision statement).

Presbtery MeetingThe Cambodian Presbyterian Association
(photo credit: Albert Shim)

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Merry Christmas from Cambodia

Every year life seems to get busier while time zooms by faster. Every year life seems like a revolving door that keeps on spinning. Things are always in flux. You’re either preparing for it, in it or recovering from it. This year was no different. The start of the year was focused on preparing for our time back in the States. Then our HMA took us to eight different states and we slept in over forty different places. We were deeply thankful that we were able to meet most of our loved ones and supporters but long for a day when we don’t need an excel spreadsheet and time is limitless. The schedule was exhausting and often wondered if we could make it to the end of the day but we experienced God’s sustaining us. Thankful and amazed at how God provides just enough to keep us clinging to Him and gets us through to the end.

IMG_0619JFK Airport Send-Off

Returning to our house, though suffered damage from storms and floods in our absence, indeed felt like coming home. To have our own space surrounded by the comforts of familiarity is such a gift. Though our hearts ached for the sacrifice of relationships we’ve left behind in the States, we were reminded of the gift of people He’s surrounded us here in Cambodia – our team and ministries, our neighbors, our homeschool community. God provides.

Chaos on the outside but friends and love on the inside

Baptisms Our 1st Sunday Back at KCC

   Bye-bye Car…Hello Motos & Tuk Tuks

The rest of the year has been non-stop with teams and travels but we made a greater intention in trying to slow things down, especially for Caleb and Nate. While Susan focused on getting the home repaired and settled, the boys reunited with friends and focused on school. A fun addition to their week has been joining a nearby Tae Kwon Do class with some friends. They recently passed their yellow belt test and are working hard to catch up to their cousin in New York who has a black belt! Our homeschool co-op has also gone through yearly changes; every year we lose a precious family as they return to the States. This past May while we were in the States, another family, who has been with us from the beginning, left the field after serving faithfully for twelve years. They were a big part of our homeschooling community and well-being. Yet God continues to provide. This year our group consists of eleven core families and 24 children from all over the world, including America, the UK, New Zealand, Sinagpore, France and Spain. We meet every Tuesday to study drama, art, science & writing (Caleb only), geography & culture (Nate only), and soccer. It’s been wonderful getting to know each other and see how God is working in and through so many people in unique and beautiful ways.

TKD Finally Available Near Us!

1-Hour Commute to Co-op
IMG_1358 IMG_1361 IMG_1362
Bridges Homeschool Co-op

KCC Worship w CCPC/CCSC STT IMG_1265
Hosting Teams & Airport Runs

Reuniting w Friends in Angk’jeay

This year Paul has been continuing in his role as Co-Regional Director. From administration, hosting visitors and teams, preaching and teaching theology, counseling teammates and national partners, and Skype call meetings, Paul wears many hats and works with many different people. The greatest blessing has been working with our many teammates and the national partners in Cambodia as well as Myanmar and Vietnam. As he sees God working in and through their lives and ministries, he has been spurred on to toil alongside them for the Church.

IMG_1314Regular Visits to Angk’jeay to Support & Encourage

11896146_959128337484833_8876934946959499288_nA Visit to a Charity House in Myanmar

It’s been over five years since we first arrived in Cambodia as MTW missionaries. Today is our fifth Christmas here in Southeast Asia. It’s been five years since we’ve seen snow, roasted marshmellows, opened presents with the extended family, or attended Christmas worship in English. Being surrounded by banana and mango trees in 90° weather, Christmas looks different but the same Truth remains.


Hope you have a BLESSED CHRISTMAS!

With LOVE, the Lees in Cambodia.

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