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COVID-19 in Cambodia

Many have asked how we are doing and what COVID-19 looks like here in Camboida. Thank you for thinking of and checking in on us.

It is quiet in the city of Phnom Penh. Last week, the government placed a travel ban prohibiting those from the US and a handful of European nations to enter. All schools and universities have been closed. Movie theaters and KTVs are closed. Large group gatherings and all religious meetings are prohibited. Supermarkets with imports are slimming down. Tuk tuk drivers go for days without work. Workers left jobless with factories closing down. Many have left the city to return to their hometowns. Many expats have returned to their passport countries.

It is difficult to get an accurate account of the number of people infected with COVID-19 infections. The government haven’t enforced screenings. Cambodia isn’t equipped with medical resources to test and screen much less have the level of care and treatment needed.

Though there isn’t panic, there is an underlying anxiety for everyone. It is easy to be filled with fear and do what we can to feel like we have some semblance of control. Many of us here have self-quarantined ourselves and feel isolated, left to stew in our thoughts and worries. The remedy has been WORSHIP – to turn away from ourselves and to One who is in control and who loves us with an everlasting, steadfast love and faithfulness. We need to be continually, creatively and prayerfully keeping community with and encouraging one another to remind us of these Truths.


  • Churches
    • Most of our churches do not have an online presence but are quickly learning. Pray for wisdom as they seek ways to worship and shepherd their people.
    • The vulnerable and the poor who are most affected. Pray for the church as they seek ways to respond and come alongside those in need.
  • Safety, Protection & Health
    • Our team has decided to stay in country. Pray for our own protection and health, especially for teammate, Dr. Mark, who serves on the frontline at Family Clinic.
    • Pray for the poor; they are the most vulnerable who are limited, voiceless.
  • God be Glorified
    • This is a unique opportunity for us to share Christ with our neighbor who are afraid. May we be honest and share our fears as we also are “always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15).

Meanwhile, as a homeschooling family, life for the Lees in Cambodia isn’t too different. The absence of extra-curricular activities, playdates, ministries and meetings has given us some time to rest and do things we haven’t had time to do, like sleeping in or napping, daydreaming, and putzing around. Thankfully Paul is working from home so we’ve had a lot more time all together. Together, we’ve been going through old family pictures and showing them some of our favorite movies of the past.

We are thinking of and praying for all of you all over the world in the midst of this unique time in history. We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and continually find comfort in our Almighty Heavenly Father.


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New Beginnings

The new year has ushered in new activities and ministries. Please pray for spiritual protection, wisdom and strength for the our teammates and for our local partners.


Every Tuesday, we have a Tuesday night Theology Class. Students come after their long day of work or school, hungry to learn for about two hours. Paul just started and will be teaching on Marriage this new semester.

Pray for these young students who are or will be the future leaders of the church. It has been a place of growth as well as community.


Lots of new beginnings this year for KCC.

The most joyful is the recent baptism of new believers. Some of whom are people Pastor Thet and his wife, Marady, have been evangelizing, befriending and loving for years. Included was the confirmation of their eldest daughter, Nesa, who is also on the new praise team.

Thankful for Marady, the pastor’s wife, who has led praise over the many years and persevered to raise up a team. Thankful for the ways God has been raising up new leaders, with the support of visitors and short-term teams who have come alongside us in creative ways.

In January, KCC started new outreach classes, offering classes in English, Chinese and Computers as well as a Sunday children’s/youth program and service in the evening. All of these classes are taught by members of our church. Please pray that this would be an opportunity to build relationships and share the Gospel.


We first began fundraising the purchase of land and building for RCC in 2017.  After fundraising and countless meeting, RCC had their dedication service on Feb 2.

Please pray for them as they continue to work to build community at their new location.


This year also meant the start of two new church plants, Phnom Penh Livingstones Church (PPLC) and Door of Hope Church (DHC).

Phnom Penh Livingstones Church (PPLC) is led by Pastor Vanna, who was recently ordained at the end of last year, along with his wife, Vannary.

Door of Hope Church (DHC) is led by Pastor Sam Ath & his wife, Vanvina. They have been praying, evangelizing, meeting with people, and having bible study for a while now but recently started formally meeting for Sunday worship at a cafe.

We are always engaged in a spiritual warfare. The enemy is continually scheming ways to distract and lure us away from our Lord and to attack His Bride. P

PLEASE PRAY for Spiritual Protection. Pray for

  • These ministries and leaders, servants and members, both in the villages and city. Those mentioned in this update and those in previous updates.
  • Overall health, safety and unity of our team, the presbytery, the church plants, families, etc.
  • Encouragement and wisdom – in the midst of excitement and hope, there is always disappointment, struggle, weariness and doubt.
  • Our focus, confidence and hope be on Christ alone. In our weakness, may Christ be exalted and glorified.

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Funeral for Brother Thon

Dear Friends,

Our brother has left this earthly home to be with his Heavenly Father yesterday. We want to thank everyone for their support and prayers. We ask that you continue to pray for his extended family and the community of believers at KCC. Please pray for deep comfort and peace that can only from our Father. Pray that God would draw near to his children and be a Light in this time of darkness.

This morning’s KCC Worship service has been canceled. Instead there will be a time of praise and prayer at the family’s home near the New Steung Mean Chey Mall at 8AM followed by a funeral service at 2PM.

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Our dear brother, Thon, who is 38-years old and married with 4 children, ages 18 to 6, has been diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer. He has been a member of KCC for many years and is the older brother of Marady, the pastor’s wife.

Thon is on the far left, red shirt in front of KCC’s former location.

We are amazed at the joy and peace in the midst of this difficult time, displayed by Thon and his family. Pastor Thet and his wife (KCC) visit almost daily to support and pray for him. Handful of church members have surrounded him with love and encouragement. It has been a wonderful opportunity to strengthen his faith as well as be a light to his unbelieving family as well as others in the hospital and community.

Paul & Susan’s recent visit. Last pic – praying for his hospital roommate who is being reacquainted with Christ after 30 years.

We need your prayers. Please pray:

  • Thon – God is able to do all things according to his good will. Pray for healing. Pray for comfort. Pray for continued and daily strength of heart and faith.
  • Family – Witnessing the love and faithfulness of the church that has surrounded with hospital visits and prayer, his wife, who has been hostile and disapproving of his faith and participation in the church, has been open and softened to the Gospel, along with his mother. Please pray that God be glorified and that He would draw near to his wife and children, showing Himself as Savior and Friend.
  • Thet & Marady – in addition to their usual responsibilities of ministry, family, and work, they have been actively involved in caring for Thon. Pray for physical strength and health as well as encouragement and hope.
  • Help – Pray for wisdom in the many decisions that need to be made to ease and care for Thon and his family. Pray for financial provisions to help with all the costs.

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We want to praise God and thank all of you who have helped through your prayers and funds towards the Redemption In Christ Church (RCC) building project.


We have recently purchased the land and are currently working with a local architect to help design and construct the building that will be used for the church and dorms.

Please continue to pray alongside RCC as they make this big transition.

Please Pray

  • Transition – The new church site will be in a different section of Phnom Penh. We hope with the purchase of its own land, we hope there will be more stability to build a continued community but please pray for this transition. The relocation is in a different area of Phnom Penh. Most members are unable to move. Please pray for wisdom in dealing with these changes.
  • Outreach – RCC has already begun outreach activities in the new area. The challenge but also the wonderful opportunity is this land is located on railroad tracks. One side of the tracks are the poor while on the other the more wealthy.  Pray for wisdom and leading in knowing how to reach and bridge people of a diverse demographics. Pray for spiritual protection and that God would use them to be a light in the area.
  • Pastors & Family – We’ve noticed our pastors and families go through a lot of stress, challenges and spiritual warfare. Please pray for Pastors Hong & his wife, Ratanak, and Pastor Pheakdey & his wife, Kunthea, and son, Nathaniel.


Pastor Hong & Rachel at their wedding, later at RCC Sunday worship
















Pastor Pheakdey & family; Nathaniel was recently baptized at RCC



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Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We wanted to express our gratitude for your support and prayers for the church building project. We also wanted to provide an update on the progress of the project.

Thanks to your generous support we have raised $28,000 of the $36,667 we need to raise. God has also been faithful in providing land for RCC to build the church and dorm. RCC was able to put a deposit for a 9 meter x 20 meter which will be perfect for the building. It is also located in an area of the city that will be suitable for the students residing at the dorm as well as church members coming to worship.

Please continue to pray that God would raise additional partners to help with the rest of the support needed and that purchase of the land and construction of the church would go smoothly.

If you have any questions please contact: pl710@mac.com (Paul Lee, MTW missionary in Cambodia).
If you would like to support financially: please visit https://mtw.org/projects/cambodia-city-church-planting

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Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year’s!

Our family had our fill of tradition korean soup, dduk-gook, while in the States but tomorrow morning we’re headed out to airport to return to Cambodia. We’ll be eating on the go instead.


The last couple of months have been busy. We got our driver’s licenses renews and all our dental and medical check-ups. Every week or two, we’d pack up again and change locations between Paul’s parents’ in NY and Susan’s mom’s in NJ’s. Yet is was also full of amazing gifts from our Heavenly Father – the beauty of the fall foliage, snow and snowball fights with cousins, enjoying delicious, new foods or comfort, childhood foods, and amazing experiences with friends and family.  The biggest gift is the reminder that we are loved and cared for by our Father through the people He’s surrounded us with.

There are times on the mission field you feel alone, wondering if anyone remembers us as the years away increase. There are times where you wonder where you’re place is in this life. Our time back was a constant, overwhelming reminder that we are not forgotten, we are not alone. People were willing to drive or fly hours and miles to see us for just a moment, to make time in their own busy schedule to care for us and to be present with us.  People were praying. People were asking. People wanted to know.

We are thankful that God allows us to get a glimpse at how He is working here – in the States, in the churches we’ve visited, in the individual lives. We are thankful we get to understand more intimately the struggles and the victories. We hope that this would spur us on to pray faithfully and specifically for those He’s placed in our lives. We are thankful we are reminded that we are a part of the global Church and we need one another.

Lastly, we want to share that our last Sunday here, Dec 31, Caleb Lee was confirmed at our home church by our friend and pastor. It’s one of the greatest gifts as a parent. Humbled by our Lord. Please continue to pray for him as he continues his journey of faith with his Lord and Friend. Please pray also for Nate as we prepare him and need wisdom to discern his own faith.


Thank all of you for all the ways you are the hands, feet, mouths of Christ, pointing us to Him. Thank you for the ways you have helped raise Caleb (and Nate) in the ways of the Lord. Thank you for the ways you each uniquely love, care for, and support us so that we are sustained and comforted.

After all these years, you would think it gets easier but goodbyes are so hard. Instead…”See you soon, God willing.”

Please pray:

  • Thank God for Himself. Acknowledge and thank Him for these amazing, real blessings.
  • We will catch our flight from JFK (NY) to Cambodia at 1PM. Please pray as all of us are sick with a cough, cold and fatigue. Pray for strength and health as we return to water damage to our home that needs to be addressed.
  • Pray for our adjustment. January is a very busy month of ministry and homeschool.
    • Jan 9:  Pech & Sok Ny’s wedding. Two young believers from our church, KCC.
    • Jan 11-13: Annual Pastors’ Conference with former co-Leader, Albert Shim, as the guest speaker. Please pray for him as he leaves his busy USA schedule. Pray for his wife, Tina, and three kids, who he leaves behind.
    • Jan 21-27: Two visitors
    • Jan 26-Feb 3: Short-term team from our home church, Sojourner Presbterian Church. Pray for their packed week during which they will be serving at KCC/Prey Thom, Precious Women and Angk’jeay.

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