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Prayer for grieving friends

Please pray for our dear friends who are mourning the loss of a family members this week.

Vina’s Father
The father of our sister and friend, Vanvina, Pastor Sam Ath’s wife at Khmer Christian Church (KCC) died today from a heart attack. He was not a believer.


Funeral ceremonies have begun tonight. Tomorrow morning is when they will lay their body in the coffin. Some of us on our team will be attending. Please pray that we can be a comfort and encouragement to this family and their community.

Srey Path’s sister
Earlier this week, the younger sister of another one of our members, Sreypath, died on the way to the hospital in Phnom Penh from the village. Sreypath is doing ok but having lost both her parents when young and growing up as an orphan, this has been very difficult. Her sister was suffering from many health issues. She was also not a believer.



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2017 So Far…

Where to begin? A glimpse into our lives the past 6 months…

We started off the year with our annual Cambodian Pastors & Family Conference with a dear friend, Rev. Joel Kim, as the guest speaker.


Immediately afterwards we had a conference hosted in Phnom Penh for our students from Vietnam, due to safety issues. Our pastor from our sending church, Rev. Francis Chang, was the speaker. In fact, they recently returned for another conference this week.

With Francis came the first short-term team from our home church, who not only participated in various ministry opportunities, but loved on our family with times of laughter, shared meals, caring conversations and engaging with our boys. It was a very special monthly team worship, packed with special visitors.


The next months were filled with travels, both in-country or abroad. Paul traveled a few times for MTW Asia Pacific leadership meetings and for ministry in Vietnam. Recently our teammate Tim Lim was approved by MTW and is overseeing the work in Myanmar. Though he misses the people and ministry there, he is thankful for the help.


Paul also travels regularly to our village sites, Angk’jeay and Neareay.  This year Susan and the boys made more of an effort to join him. Though traveling can be wearisome, enjoying the sites and connecting with people always makes it worthwhile. It’s been a few years but we hope to visit Prey Thom soon and give you an update.


Paul has also been helping homeschool the boys every Monday, while working out with them in the mornings and going through Catechism with Caleb to prepare him for confirmation. The boys are enjoying Monday school days with a more relaxed parent.

In between all the travels, we welcomed a new family to our team and recently arrived intern, sent off a couple on their 6-month HMA, and helped a teammate leave the field unexpectedly.  It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride but one that is teaching us to be thankful for the people God brings and to try to make the most of the time you do have with them.

Susan has continued her weekly English classes though with frequent breaks for her health. Her students have been a source of much encouragement through it all. Often they are taking care and comforting her.


People might think all missionaries know how to run a VBS camp, evangelize to anyone, and lead praise and bible studies, but Susan is an example that missionaries can look different from this stereotype. Though she never led a bible study before, she felt there was a need for both the women on the team and for the wives of the pastors we work alongside.

The monthly bible study with the wives of some of our Cambodian pastors has been one of the most humbling and challenging but encouraging times. It is a constant reminder and prayer that she would depend on Him and desire Christ magnified, through and despite her.


Caleb & Nate have been doing well. They face the same issues and struggles of most kids here or there. Caleb is a growing up to be a typical teenager. We are thankful for the way they embrace Cambodia; it is their home. We are thankful for how God has been faithful to provide a sense of safety, friends, and fun. Their homeschooling co-op has provided a large part of not only the boys’ but Susan’s community as well. We are currently on break and persevering to finish off the school year. 11 more weeks…


Well, that’s our life for the past 6 months in a nutshell. We did forget to mention the storms, flooding, blackouts, moto falls and the heat but that’s life as usual here!



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