Fundraising for Land: Khmer Mission Center

God’s Faithfulness

It has been twelve years since we started our mission in Cambodia. During that time God has been raising up Khmer pastors, and church leaders, and all their wives, who are equally gifted and devoted to the ministry. These ten Khmer families along with the MTW Cambodia team minister together in nine church plants with over 250 brothers and sisters worshipping and growing in these churches both in the villages of Cambodia as well as the capital city, Phnom Penh.

God has also been building up the next generation of the Khmer Church through the evangelism and discipleship of over 130 high school and university students in these local churches.

The ministry extends to Family Clinic, a Cambodian medical clinic jointly established by MTW Cambodia. This clinic represents 30 Khmer medical staff and 1000s of patients in the communities of the local churches we partner with, many of whom hear the gospel and are prayed over.

The mission also engages in partnership with anti-trafficking organizations in caring for and encouraging survivors of sex-trafficking. Our team, along with the local church, teach bible studies and provide a church community that accepts and embraces these girls, teaching them that they are valued by God and by their brothers and sisters.

Often the fruit of the ministry has been in spite of our weaknesses and our inadequacies but God has been gracious. He has been present and has opening doors in unplanned and unexpected ways. An integral part of his grace and provision has been our partnership with you. God has been working through your prayers, your visits, and your support to establish his church in Cambodia. We are so very grateful for your partnership in the Gospel in Cambodia.

God’s Movement

Now as we look forward to the next twelve years of our mission, we have been asking the question, “how can we continue to grow in our partnership with the Khmer Church that furthers our vision to see a church planting movement in sustainable ways?”

As we have dreamed and prayed together as a team and in partnership with our Khmer brothers and sisters we have envisioned a new multipurpose building where missionaries and the Khmer church can minister together. It would be one integrated space where

1) Khmer Christian Church (KCC) can worship and reach out to its community.

2) We can provide dorms for students coming from village churches to reside and grow in their faith while attending university or vocational training.

3) We can provide dorms for young women who have graduated from the transition program of anti-trafficking organizations with whom we partner.

4) The Cambodian Presbyterian Association (CPA) can meet and plan.

5) Classes can be held for theological education for both pastors and university students.

6) The MTW Cambodia team can meet and worship together.

7) The Worship Institute can train worship leaders and compose/produce new Khmer praise music for churches throughout the country.

8) The Church Planting Institute can produce videos to help equip and mentor church leaders.

The construction of this building would immediately address the challenge of sustainability. Rental prices have been far outpacing living costs and wages and this has made it difficult to stay rooted in one community. Surging rents have forced churches to relocate to more affordable areas, leaving communities that the churches have invested in. Not just the church but also our team has had to move due to rental costs as well. This has meant that the church plants and our team have been constantly on the move and separate from each other.

Constructing a building would remove the need to rent and would provide sustainability for Khmer Christian Church and the MTW Cambodia team. Instead of rental fees, funds could be used to provide for a more lasting presence in the local communities we reside and minister in.

It would also address the challenge of partnering with our Khmer brothers and sisters as we can deepen our relationship as we pray, fellowship, and minister together to advance the kingdom in Cambodia.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us as we seek to build the Khmer Mission Center? We seek your prayers and your support.

If you are interested in partnering in this way, you can contact for more information.

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