Plans and Prayers for 2021

When COVID-19 entered our lives in March 2020, everything changed and has continued to affect the way we do life. Initially, there was a lot of discouragement and anxiety in both our personal lives and with ministry. There continues to be challenges but we also see ways God has been working in ways that perhaps otherwise would not have happened.

This was apparent when Susan recently met up with wives of our national partners (those in PP). As they shared their reflections and their focus for the new year, many shared how God is addressing needs in their family life or opened up new opportunities in ministry as a result of last year’s unplanned turn of events.

Here’s a glimpse of the hopes and plans and ask that you partner with us by praying for us and our ministries.


  • Health – Members of our team are dealing with various health issues. Specifically, please pray for our teammate Laura who has a more serious, chronic condition and is still learning and adjusting. Please pray for healing, strength and encouragement, and spiritual protection.
  • Purchase of Land – We are in the process of fundraising to purchase land in Phnom Penh that will serve multiple purposes. Please be on the lookout for our next blog with more information. Please consider donating towards this and pray for the funds but also very long process of purchasing and building.
  • New teammates! – Amazingly in the midst of COVID, we have a couple of new units that hope to join us. Please pray for the process and the timeline. We hope to welcome Brennan & Becca McCafferty (both former summer interns) in April 2021 and John (former intern) & Carol Gim in mid-2022.


  • Mark & Laura Ambrose – Pray for their continual leadership (with Dr. Nara as seen in the pic above) and discipleship (medical and spiritual) with the staff at the clinic. Even as Laura deals with her chronic condition, they continue to make it a priority to love and serve the staff and patients at clinic.
  • New surgical program starting in a few months.
  • Anti-Trafficking – Family Clinic partners with NGOs, providing medical attention but also always opportunities to love and serve. Recently they have been connected with a new NGO, Amazing Love, caring for handicapped children who were raped or trafficked. Please pray for both the NGO and Family Clinic.
  • Transitioning – From these partnerships, relationships and connections are built with our local churches. Some attend worship at our local church. Pray specifically for the transition of 3 girls from AIM and 1 from Esther’s House, who will be moving into our dorms at KCC and RCC. Transition can be challenging. Pray for the girls as well as the church communities.


  • Luke & Sokha Pray for their hearts as they send off 8 of their graduating seniors to Phnom Penh for university (and move into KCC dorms); very thankful to see the fruit of their labor but bittersweet to send them off. Pray for Sokha’s health. Pray for wisdom as they adjust to long-term life and ministry with John.
  • John Lee – Praise God for his smooth adjustment to life in the village and the ways is able to serve and partner with the Smiths. Pray for him to continue to grow in relationship with God and in patience. Pray that God would help him to prioritize and grow in his prayer life.
  • Samuth & Kunthea – Pray for the national partners they work with, especially as Kunthea is expecting her second.


  • Pastor Thet & Marady – Please pray as they’re seeking wisdom parenting a teen, tween and toddler, and wisdom balancing ministry, work and family life. Pray for wisdom and strength to serve the church each busy day faithfully. Pray for their teamwork and unity with Pastor Sam Ath & Vina.
  • Growing ministry – Thankful to see the fruit of the many years of outreach and evangelism, perseverance, and effort. Many are visiting and attending Sunday worship. Our dorm is full. Our young adult members are growing into leaders.
  • Praise Ministry – Please pray that God would equip and enable the handful of young members to learn music as well as how to lead praise in order to bless the church. Pray for their lokru (teacher), Dany.


  • Pech & Sokny – Praise God for the health of their family and their infant son, Benjamin. Please pray for encouragement as they serve in a very spiritually dark place. Ministry has been very hard. Pray for wisdom, perseverance and protection.
  • Playground Project – Through a fundraising project of one of Caleb’s friend from our home church, we will be building a playground and space to play volleyball and basketball. We are hoping this would be an opportunity to serve and build relationships with the children of the community, and, in turn, the adults in the community.
  • The Gospel – Pray that God would break down the spiritual strongholds – the spiritual warfare manifested through hopelessness, poverty, alcoholism, and evil spirits – and provide spiritual protection as He enables Pech & Sok Ny to share the Good News effectively.


  • Pastor Hong & Rachel – Praise God for their final adoption of their son, Daniel. Pray for these new parents as they bond and learn to parent while continuing juggling family life, work and ministry.
  • February 7 – Praise God as they celebrate one year worshipping in their new building.
  • Outreach – Please pray for open and responsive hearts as RCC restarted Sunday school and computer classes last week after a long delay due to COVID-19.
  • Rattana – One of the young women who recently transitioned out of the safe house into the RCC dorms is having a very hard time adjusting. Please pray for needed wisdom for those at RCC but also for God’s grace, comfort and help for Rattana during this understandably difficult period.


  • Narin & Quenie – Pray for God’s leading where and when to start a home church and for the schooling of our kids. Pray for provision and protection everyday as well as good health for the family.
  • Church – Pray the people will continue to cling and trust God despite the effects of pandemic. That they will commit to reading the Word and pray everyday, despite busyness of life.
  • Land – With increased pricing and ministry in the heart of the city, pray that God would show His will and provide toward their building project. Pray that He would lead them to where to buy land and cause people to give generously.


  • Vanna & Vannary – Pray for their health and for wisdom in the challenging task of parenting. Pray for wisdom in balancing family life with two little ones, running a business, and starting a church plant. May the Lord bless their Hosanna Business (laundry and money transfer and payment services) to be a blessing to their community and country.
  • Ministry – They are in the early stages, focused on reaching out to university students. Pray that God provide the needed set up funds and materials for the dorm and church. Pray that the Spirit will lead key students to become leaders for future students, men and women of peace. Pray also as they hope to start a sports outreach ministry.


  • Sophearek & Vann – As newlyweds (less than a month), pray for a strong start to marriage. Pray that they would continue to get to know each other and lay a strong, Christ-centered foundation in their relationship. Pray that God would lead them as they confirm ministry as a couple.


  • Pheakdey & Kunthea – Pray for their safety and health, along with two sons, ages 3 and 1.
  • Provisions – Pray that God would provide their essentials and ministry needs:
    • Equipment (whiteboard, speaker, books and a tablet) for their two classes for children in the villages.
    • Safe shelter to live – They currently live on the farm but want to live closer to the school and be able to reach out to the local high schoolers.
    • A clean fountain
    • Bi-vocation Support – Pray that their poultry farm grows and begins bringing in a steady income.
  • Sunday Service – Some children started attending. Pray that the Spirit would lead more to join.


  • Paul – Wisdom in being a good husband and father as well as a the Regional Director over SEAsia. Pray for his health and strength.
  • Susan – Wisdom and confidence in serving her family and her different ministry opportunities. Pray that she would depend on Christ alone to be able to help equip and encourage those she serves. Pray for her as she helps Caleb through the college process and begins preparing for the family’s HMA in 2022.
  • Caleb
    • In his junior year, pray that God would sustain and enable him to be a good steward of all his studies and opportunities but also that he would continue to understand himself and God’s design. Pray for discernment and wisdom as we begin to think about to which colleges to apply.
    • Pray for deep friendship with peer(s) that would sustain. Loyal friends who also love and are committed to the Lord but understand, enjoy and accept Caleb for who he is.
  • Nate
    • Paul is preparing him for confirmation. May it be an opportunity to grow closer to both his Lord and his father.
    • This year his closest friends (two families) will be leaving Cambodia. Pray that he will experience God’s love and draw him deeper with Jesus.

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