New Beginnings

The new year has ushered in new activities and ministries. Please pray for spiritual protection, wisdom and strength for the our teammates and for our local partners.


Every Tuesday, we have a Tuesday night Theology Class. Students come after their long day of work or school, hungry to learn for about two hours. Paul just started and will be teaching on Marriage this new semester.

Pray for these young students who are or will be the future leaders of the church. It has been a place of growth as well as community.


Lots of new beginnings this year for KCC.

The most joyful is the recent baptism of new believers. Some of whom are people Pastor Thet and his wife, Marady, have been evangelizing, befriending and loving for years. Included was the confirmation of their eldest daughter, Nesa, who is also on the new praise team.

Thankful for Marady, the pastor’s wife, who has led praise over the many years and persevered to raise up a team. Thankful for the ways God has been raising up new leaders, with the support of visitors and short-term teams who have come alongside us in creative ways.

In January, KCC started new outreach classes, offering classes in English, Chinese and Computers as well as a Sunday children’s/youth program and service in the evening. All of these classes are taught by members of our church. Please pray that this would be an opportunity to build relationships and share the Gospel.


We first began fundraising the purchase of land and building for RCC in 2017.  After fundraising and countless meeting, RCC had their dedication service on Feb 2.

Please pray for them as they continue to work to build community at their new location.


This year also meant the start of two new church plants, Phnom Penh Livingstones Church (PPLC) and Door of Hope Church (DHC).

Phnom Penh Livingstones Church (PPLC) is led by Pastor Vanna, who was recently ordained at the end of last year, along with his wife, Vannary.

Door of Hope Church (DHC) is led by Pastor Sam Ath & his wife, Vanvina. They have been praying, evangelizing, meeting with people, and having bible study for a while now but recently started formally meeting for Sunday worship at a cafe.

We are always engaged in a spiritual warfare. The enemy is continually scheming ways to distract and lure us away from our Lord and to attack His Bride. P

PLEASE PRAY for Spiritual Protection. Pray for

  • These ministries and leaders, servants and members, both in the villages and city. Those mentioned in this update and those in previous updates.
  • Overall health, safety and unity of our team, the presbytery, the church plants, families, etc.
  • Encouragement and wisdom – in the midst of excitement and hope, there is always disappointment, struggle, weariness and doubt.
  • Our focus, confidence and hope be on Christ alone. In our weakness, may Christ be exalted and glorified.

7 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. I love hearing what is happening: how God is continuing to work and using you and your family. Miss you dearly… praying for you all. ❤️

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