A Hard Home Mission Assignment 

It’s been almost a month since returning from our six-month HMA, one of the longest we’ve taken .  This year has been a full year with much left to be processed.  It’s been a year of wonderful, amazing moments and milestones as well as sorrows and trials.   A Home Mission Assignment (HMA) is not a vacation. It … More A Hard Home Mission Assignment 

Celebrating Caleb

It has been a very intense year for us. In the mist of the pandemic, trying to wrap up Caleb’s senior year, apply for college, and return to the States has been challenging. As a homeschooler, I’d say this last stretch was the hardest year. Yet, like with all worthwhile things, it is for those … More Celebrating Caleb

Christmas in Cambodia

The Lees in Cambodia want to wish everyone a Blessed Christmas. We hope through whatever your circumstances or challenges, you are all filled and surrounded by the Peace and Protection of our Heavenly Father. We are praying that your homes and hearts are filled with God’s Love, Joy and Comfort. Tho Christmas time can be … More Christmas in Cambodia

Khmer Mission Center Video

Please check out the video explaining the purpose of the KMC building project for which we’ve been fundraising. It gives some insight into the different ministries of our team. Please continue to pray for our team, our ministries and this project. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Paul at pl710@mac.com.

Building Update

We want to thank you everyone for all your support and prayers for the Khmer Mission Center Building Project. We also want to give you an update on the project. We have finished the purchase of the land for the project, which is located close to the Khmer Christian Church (KCC). The church can continue … More Building Update