Khmer Mission Center Video

Please check out the video explaining the purpose of the KMC building project for which we’ve been fundraising. It gives some insight into the different ministries of our team. Please continue to pray for our team, our ministries and this project. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Paul at

Building Update

We want to thank you everyone for all your support and prayers for the Khmer Mission Center Building Project. We also want to give you an update on the project. We have finished the purchase of the land for the project, which is located close to the Khmer Christian Church (KCC). The church can continue … More Building Update

COVID-19 in Cambodia

Many have asked how we are doing and what COVID-19 looks like here in Camboida. Thank you for thinking of and checking in on us. It is quiet in the city of Phnom Penh. Last week, the government placed a travel ban prohibiting those from the US and a handful of European nations to enter. … More COVID-19 in Cambodia

New Beginnings

The new year has ushered in new activities and ministries. Please pray for spiritual protection, wisdom and strength for the our teammates and for our local partners. TUESDAY THEOLOGICAL EDUCATION CLASS Every Tuesday, we have a Tuesday night Theology Class. Students come after their long day of work or school, hungry to learn for about … More New Beginnings