Paul has been overseeing the church planting work in other countries outside of Cambodia since April of this year. (For security reasons the specific country is not named).  It has been a blessing to see how God has been working in the other countries in Southeast Asia.

Earlier in the year Paul got a chance to travel through the provincial area in one of these countries where some of our national partners have been church planting. He visited many village pastors faithfully ministering to their congregation in the midst of difficult situations. One particular visit made a deep impression on Paul’s heart. During this visit, Paul had the opportunity to sit and talk inside the house of one of the pastors. He learned that the house used to be a house church. The pastor explained that after 1975, when the government attempted to close all the churches, a group of Christians met in a room in the attic of the house. The pastor took Paul through a narrow stairwell and they walked up the steep steps to an attic space with a ceiling so low that everyone had to stoop the whole time. The pastor recounted how believers worshipped in secret for twenty years to avoid government persecution. What was remarkable was that many of the pastors leading the church today worshipped in that very attic space.

It was a wonderful reminder that persecution doesn’t hinder God’s plans for his church, in fact He uses them for His purposes. It is also a reminder that God has his own timing for his church.



Please Pray

- that God would continue to encourage the pastors as they lead the church

- that the church may be faithful in worship as they face challenges of all kinds

For those who send donations via checks, please note that the MTW address for donations is changing to:

Mission to the World

PO Box 2589
Suwanee, GA 30024-0982

We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we’d be glad to help in any way.

Again, we truly appreciate all the ways you continue to bless and support us. We hope you know you are in our hearts and prayers.

All around the globe, people have been greeting one another with words like “Happy Easter” or “He’s Risen!”

At our church, Easter was just another Sunday. There was no sunrise service, special choir or potluck meal. There were no pastel-colored decorations or egg hunts for the kids. In fact, most of the congregation was on their way back from their hometown visit during Khmer New Year.

Despite the lack of Easter customs we’re accustomed to, this ordinary Sunday was no less special. As we worshipped alongside our brothers and sisters at Khmer Christian Church (KCC) this Easter Sunday, we were reminded that we have been “called to freedom,” not so that we can satisfy our own desires but through love to serve one another (Galatians 5:13).

Then after service I learned that one of our members, Sopheak had left the women’s dormitory. Sopheak first came to the city about eight months ago from her village. She was filled with fear and loneliness as she navigated a new life in a new place. She missed her family but over time as she heard the gospel she realized she had a new family in the church. Last month she was baptized as she publicly acknowledged her faith in Christ. She also shared the good news with her family who promptly forced her to quit the job we helped her get and leave the women’s dormitory. There are other students facing the same struggles with their families.

Our Lord is Risen! He is Alive! We are surrounded by reminders that we live in a fallen world – in the church in Cambodia, familial persecution is one of the most painful reminders. But we are reminded that our Risen Lord is King over even difficult situations such as Sopheak’s and that His Gospel will not falter. That is why we are thankful for the church here that does not give up meeting together (Hebrews 10:25) so that we may be reminded together of the truth that Christ our Savior and Lord is Risen and is the foundation of our hope all year round. We are thankful for this ordinary Sunday to be a reminder of this truth in the midst of our earthly reality.

2013 Dec The students

Please pray for the young believers at KCC. Pray for their spiritual growth and for protection from the schemes of the evil one. Pray for wisdom as they struggle to honor their parents and live out their new identities in Christ. Pray for soften hearts so that the parents would be willing to listen.

Please pray for Sopheak that she would know that God has not left her. Pray that she would not abandon her faith but instead God would pursue her and meet her where she is. Pray that God would grant her wisdom and humility in the manner she deals with her family. Pray that God would work in her family through this circumstance.

Please pray for our family. Pray for our hearts. It is easy to get jaded or to doubt. It is easy to get swamped with all the activities, neglecting the relationship with our Lord. Pray that we would be firmly rooted in this truth and boldly proclaim it to one another and to those God brings into our lives.

Please pray for Susan’s dad who still doesn’t know this freedom. Please ask that God would bring messengers who would lovingly and effectively proclaim the Good News to him.

We’re Still Alive

The Lees in Cambodia are alive and…alive. Life is constantly changing and jam-packed. Finding time to process as well as articulating and sharing with you has been a challenge but we hope you know that you are often thought of and prayed for. We miss you and long for a time of fun and fellowship.

We wanted to share with you a recent and significant change. Paul will be expanding his role in Southeast Asia. Along with his current role as co-leader of the MTW Cambodia team, working with the three of our church plant sites and working with the national pastors in Cambodia, he will work with the national partners in Vietnam and in Myanmar, helping in their church planting efforts in their respective countries.  Please pray for physical health and endurance as he travels in-country as well as abroad. Please pray for wisdom as he begins to learn and get to know the people and their respective ministries in the new countries. 

photo 4Saying goodbye to Dad means a treat at the airport’s Burger King

For the rest of the family, it is life as usual. Right now, the whole family is focusing on keeping their heads above water. The boys are finishing up their school year and all their extra-curricular. God has provided a couple of wonderful friendships for the boys that have been a source of joy and comfort. However, their closest one will be returning to the States in June, after have many years of life here. Please pray as they go through another series of goodbyes, losing another close friend. Please pray for comfort but also that their hearts would not grow jaded and guarded or resentful. Please pray that God would not only provide a long-term friendship but that they would learn to draw near to their Lord.

photo 1
Laser Tag with their friend & older brother

 photo 2
Learning to appreciate classical music
in their Classical Conversation class

Susan is continuing to teach English conversation classes, coordinate short-term teams, and lead an accountability group with two young Khmer sisters. Recently, Susan has been helping her students with job opportunities and basic professional development skills. Please pray for physical and spiritual strength and perseverance.

Students prepare skits from a lesson
based on a story in the Jesus Storybook Bible

KCC’s Women’s Dorm

Dear Family & Friends,

Thank you for your constant support and prayers. We wanted to update you with one of the ministries with which we are involved.

Khmer Christian Church (KCC) opened the doors to the new women’s dormitory last month and have welcomed nine university students. Five of the students are believers and four non-believers.  Since entering, the students have been hearing about Jesus Christ and the Good News and have been learning about Christianity.

KCC Women's Dorm Students
KCC Women’s Dorm

Immediately after the start of the dorm, a short-term team came and provided many opportunities for sharing and teaching the Gospel and fellowship, through English classes using the Jesus Storybook Bible, a retreat, community walks, evangelism training, and simply relationship building.

English Class

Please Pray that God would strengthen the hearts of the believing sisters and would open the hearts to the students who have yet to know Christ.

One of the female students is Yean Channa, Pastor Tet’s younger sister. She is a 20-year old university student, who works part-time waitressing at a restaurant and also as a seamstress. She has been a believer for about a year-and-a-half and she was baptized in November 2012. Below is her testimony translated into English:

Life Before I Believed in Christ
Before I believed in Christ, I was a person who always seemed to experience failure in every part of my life. It showed in the lack of hope and faith I had in myself. When I was younger, I always felt unloved and neglected by my family. When my older siblings went out, they would never take me with them. Rather, I was left alone in the house or made to watch over my younger nephew and niece. I always felt abandoned and unloved. There was no one who understood how I felt.

I hated myself for all my failures and the insecurity I felt. I started hating others as well. I enjoyed tormenting others. When I got angry I would tear up my sister’s books. I especially hated younger children. I would bully them and cause them to cry. This desire to hurt others is what I hated the most about myself.

When I was in 11th and 12th grade, my family ran into financial problems. We had borrowed a great deal of money and I felt this constant uncertainty about how we would survive day to day. I felt sick to my heart when I saw my mom and dad full of anxiety. I remember when we started selling all of our livestock and, even after all of that, we still could not repay all the debts we owed. My family borrowed more money from another lender to pay the first lender. When I went to school, I tried to put my family problems out of my mind and enjoy my time with my friends but whenever thoughts of my family entered my mind, I couldn’t study. I felt like there was no light in my life. I was tired of life and, as more and more problems seemed to crop up, I felt exhausted.

Life After I Believed in Christ
My life changed completely when I believed in Christ. The first difference I noticed was the hope in my heart in whatever I was doing or thinking. I lived with the truth that every minute I lived and every step that I took God was always with me. Whether good times or bad, I was encouraged by God’s Word. His Word told me that everything I was given and everything I experienced came from God and, more than that, God was mine and I was his.
After I started believing in God, I saw my family differently. I came to realize that they loved me very much. Even when I felt unloved by my family, the truth was they loved me so very much. It is the same with God as well. There was a time when I didn’t know God and lived against God but the truth is He has always loved me more than I could imagine. Eventually I realized this. He died on the cross because he loved us and he cleansed us of all our sins.

God never threw me away. God never left me alone. Rather He was always with me, encouraging me, whether I was crying or smiling. I thank God for giving me the ability to love other people, people I hated before. I thank God for choosing me to be His child. I thank God for changing my life. I thank God for dying for my sins.

Channa @KCC Retreat


Some say there are three seasons in Cambodia – hot, rainy and cool. Others will say there are two – rainy and dry; it’s hot all year round!

Right now it’s rainy season. This year we’ve been blessed with a true rainy season. We’re thankful for the rain for obvious reasons. We’re thankful for the rainwater that is the source of water for our teammates in the village. We’re thankful for the gloomy sky that brings relief from the scorching sun.

IMG_8310The vats that collect rain water

However the joys of rain come with some pitfalls. The frequent downpour causes the sewage drains to back up, causing floods. Wish we could capture the special odor of sewage water flooded on the streets and in one’s home but you’ll have to come visit in person for that.

DSCN1253Our streets after the rain

Thankfully, when the kids had to take off their shoes and walk barefoot in the water to get into the house, they didn’t bat an eye. It’s just another ordinary adventure here in Cambodia!

Family Update

All the recent changes to our team has brought changes for our family.  Things are busy but good. We recognize we are in constant need of prayer. Please partner with us by interceding for us and allowing us to stay connected by sharing your prayer requests.

2013 Jun Farewell JunsOur tearful goodbye to the Jun Family at the airport


Paul, serving as co-team leader, oversees the team as a whole and provides direction for future church planting work in Cambodia. He still oversees three of the five church plants and cares for the teammates serving in those plants. He continues to train and disciple the national partners we work with.

On an encouraging note, seven of the nine pastoral interns that have been meeting together will be undergoing an examination for ordination next month. We are all excited about this event and we ask for your prayers as the pastoral interns study and as we examine these candidates.


Susan’s main role is still to care for and disciple her boys and to support Paul. With that said, she has taken on some new responsibilities.

She has picked up her books again and is studying Khmer again with a teacher from a Christian school, Khmer Friends. Although it’s slow, God has heard our prayers and has provided a good teacher, relationships with Khmer people, and encouragements along the way.

This is Susan’s last month teaching English at TSK so she can focus on her KCC classes. She has recently begun teaching through the Jesus Storybook Bible. She has also taken on the role as short-term teams coordinator and hopes to be a blessing to both the field team and the short-term teams. So let her know if you want to come serve!

DSCN1251Some of the KCC ESL Students

Susan has joined a recently-formed sub-team to research and pray through how our church planting team can get involved in the trafficking ministry. How can we help the Church become aware, stop turning a blind eye and get in the trenches? How can we disciple and build churches with this heart and to be equipped? For now, Susan has been meeting with different NGO’s and waits upon the Lord for the next step.


Despite the two-month delay in getting school started this year, they’ve done a great job finishing. For the upcoming year we’ll be joining a Classical Conversations co-op, which meets every Friday, in hopes to have more opportunities to develop a support community and to build meaningful friendships.

We have been blessed by their overall perseverance and growth since returning from the States but specifically with their language learning. They meet with their Khmer tutor three times a week and have become more bold and intentional when with Khmer-speaking people. We’re thankful for the people God has brought and the opportunities given.

Friendships…For Caleb, his closest friend, Isaiah, returns to the States after living here for three years. And his other close friend, Christian, will stop being homeschooled and start at Logos. Please pray for Caleb during this transition with his closest relationships.

DSCN1234Caleb’s 9th Birthday Sleepover


  • Paul & Susan – Pray for wisdom and humility in their new and old responsibilities. Pray for their health and physical sustenance. Please continue to pray that God would enable them to learn the Khmer language that they may be able to love the people well.
  • Caleb & Nate – Please pray for their health. Although nothing serious, since returning in October they have gotten sick more frequently and are suffering from allergies and the pollution. Please pray that they would continue to enjoy learning Khmer and they’d use it! Please also pray for them as they feel the emptiness of having a friend leave the field. Pray not only that God would provide friendships but that this would draw them nearer to their Lord.
  • Adoption – This is something still very much on their heart’s desire. Please pray for God’s timing and a clear path and direction. Pray that God would bring people into their lives to help them through the process.
  • Pastoral Interns Ordination Exam –  Our prayer is not just that they would have the proper theological knowledge but that God is forming them in their character and in their lives to be teaching elders who love His people, His church.
  • Trafficking Ministry - Please pray for humility and guidance for our sub-team as we research and meet. Pray for unity within our sub-team but also our team as we decide together what our role will look like. Pray for the many people already doing God’s work – for their protection, emotional and mental sustenance, wisdom and humility.


Traditionally, when a Khmer family hosts a wedding or funeral, the venue is in front of their home. Pitch a tent and take up half the block and you’re all set. The caterers pitch their tent on the side where they cook. They invite any neighbors whose homes they block. Invites are given by hand just days prior. Although there is a start time, it is customary to come late, even hours late. Our immediate neighbors celebrated their 1oth wedding anniversary and invited us.




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